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Helping every young person achieve their full potential

Our easy to use support tools give students extra help with reading, writing, maths and science. They’re accessible on a wide range of devices to equip students with the tools they need to succeed on their academic journey.

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Literacy software

Support tools to help students at all levels with reading and writing. Helping them learn, understand and express themselves more confidently and independently. With features to support both teaching and learning across the curriculum. 

FREE for Teachers

Helps millions of students and adults worldwide to read, and write and express themselves independently.

Helps neurodiverse students to achieve more with reading and writing

Assess and motivate student writing while providing fast and effective feedback on individual written work.

Assess student reading fluency & track progress. Gives extra support to struggling readers & English Language Learners.

Create an accessible, dynamic and collaborative space that works for everyone.

Numeracy software

Software that supports maths and science lessons in today’s tech-enabled classrooms. By making maths digital, teachers can help students access and engage with maths in more personalised ways.

FREE for Teachers

Makes maths both digital and accessible. Type, handwrite, or dictate any expression, with no tricky coding to master.


Our tools are beneficial for all but they are also necessary for some, and that’s why our product suite is built with accessibility in mind.

Products to make your lessons, content and learning platforms accessible.

Cross-Product Accessibility Features

  • Text to speech
  • Speech Input
  • Prediction
  • Dictionary / Picture Dictionary
  • Translate

Do you need help choosing which product is right for you?

Speak to one of our Texthelpers today if you have any unanswered questions about products or organising a pilot.

Supporting student literacy

White Loop Ltd worked with three schools across the UK to examine the impact of Read&Write on learner achievement.

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What educators say about us

"Read&Write has been very helpful in assisting pupils to approach tasks more independently by aiding their understanding and building their confidence with reading.”

Supporting students at every stage of their learning journey...


Our award-winning assistive technology solutions help school students with reading, writing and STEM. In class, at home and in exams.


Further Education

EdTech software that supports students as they transition to further education. By delivering a richer and more inclusive learning experience.

Further Education

Higher Education

Students rely on our assistive technology solutions for extra support with learning. From assignments, research and self study to exams.

Higher Education