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Access to Work Grant Scheme

Access to Work is a government-funded grant scheme to help people with disabilities - and those with a physical or mental health condition - to start or stay in work.

The grant can help pay for specialist software - such as our very own Read&Write for Work software, adapted equipment, a support worker or travel expenses to and from work depending on the needs of the employee.

If an Access to Work assessor has recommended Read&Write Gold, you're in the right place - this is a legacy name for Read&Write for Work.

Are you an HR professional?

Would you like to provide additional support to your staff?

Did you know the Access to Work Grant Scheme could fund 100% of the support required?

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The level of funding depends on the size of your business.

Small Businesses

Small businesses generally don’t pay anything - Access to Work will normally meet 100% of the costs of any adaptations, equipment or training for small businesses (less than 50 employees).

Medium-sized businesses

Medium-sized businesses may have to meet a small proportion of the cost-for existing employees only.  You will only have to share the cost for special aids and equipment, or adaptations to premises or equipment.  Access to Work normally covers 100% of the cost of travel and support workers.

In all cases, Access to Work normally pays grants of up to 100% for any new employees (someone who has been in the role for 6 weeks or less).

How to claim

Check eligibility

Employee checks eligibility and applies online


DWP refers employee for an assessment and, with employee permission, contacts the employer to notify them of the application


Once approved, the employer arranges the agreed support and claims the cost back

Get support

Get support in work from Access to Work if you have a disability or health condition

Application approved by Access to Work?

Order your copy of Read&Write for Work here

Need more information before you apply?

See all the relevant information you need right here

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Do you have a question about Access to Work?

Our team of customer relationship experts have years of experience with this grant scheme and are happy to support you in any way they can.

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In fact, through the Access to Work scheme, Texthelp's Nikki Goode was supported to return back to work after acquiring a brain injury.

Through the scheme, Nikki gained access to our Read&Write software, which inspired her to join the Texthelp family.

Learn more about Nikki's story and her success with Access to Work.

How can Access to Work help me?

One in five people in the UK has a disability.

It’s in your best interest to have a workforce that’s reflective of the community you serve. This means that ideally, your workforce should include around 20% of people with disabilities.

There are people with disabilities in your workplace, how well are they supported?

Did you know?

  • 8.1 million people (19%) of the working age population have a disability
  • 4.2 million (53.2%) are currently in employment
  • The number of people with disabilities in employment is increasing at a faster rate (10%) than the number of people without disabilities (6%)
  • UK government are aiming to get one million more people with disabilities in work by 2027
  • 36,240 people in FY 2018/19 received an access to work grant - that’s a shockingly low 1% of people with disabilities who are in employment are benefiting from the additional support available through Access to Work

Employer benefits

  • Widens your talent pool when recruiting
  • Creates a workforce that’s reflective of the diverse audiences you serve
  • Unlocks hidden talent and increases creativity and innovative thinking
  • Removes barriers to working smarter and more productively 
  • Gives you competitive advantage and enhances reputation - companies that are inclusive have a 2.3x higher cash flow per employee
  • Financial support - funding up to 100% of the total cost of support recommended

Our software supports people with disabilities in the workplace

Read&Write for Work, is our inclusive software that gives all staff the individualised support they need.

Read&Write for Work toolbar

Read&Write for Work is...

A handy toolbar that integrates seamlessly with all the applications staff already use and can be customised to suit individual needs and preferences.

It helps individuals with neurodiverse conditions that are often invisible, like dyslexiaautismAsperger’sdyspraxia, and ADHD, to become more productive in the workplace.

96% of illnesses are invisible and 60% of people with a chronic invisible illness are aged between 18-64 (working age)

Licencing Options

You can purchase a single copy of Read&Write for Work on a three year term for an individual through the Access to Work scheme or you can contact us directly to discuss group and enterprise licencing options that are more inclusive and may even be more cost-effective.

Celebrating more than 25 years together

  • We have been supplying Read&Write for Work through Access to Work for more than 25 years
  • Over 2,000 new Read&Write for Work licences are sold every year through Access to Work
  • Read&Write for Work is the most recommended software by Access to Work assessors for people with dyslexia

Get support

Get support in work from Access to Work if you have a disability or health condition

Application approved by Access to Work?

Order your copy of Read&Write for Work here

Need more information before you apply?

See all the relevant information you need right here

Customers using Read&Write for Work through Access to Work

“Texthelp are also great partners to work with - there’s a genuine enthusiasm for supporting every individual’s literacy journey that goes far beyond choosing the right technology.”

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Supports people who think, learn and work differently. Helps neurodiverse workforces to thrive.