Neurodiversity & the DSA

A report by Texthelp and Censuswide

The DSA offers valuable support around neurodiversity. Yet when we partnered with Censuswide to survey neurodivergent students, we found that many of those who could benefit from this support simply aren't being reached.

By raising awareness of the DSA and how it supports neurodivergent students, we can help many more students fulfil their potential.

Four Texthelp characters in different colours, coming out of different shapes, while displaying a unique tool or attribute, visually representing 'same but different'

We can use different tools to achieve the same goals.

With our Same but Different campaign, we want to celebrate the potential of neurodivergent students. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning. How we think, learn and communicate what we've learned can take many forms.

The right tools make a world of difference

Help us raise awareness of the DSA and the support it brings. Download our flyers and share them with your school, college, university or friends!

Meet our campaign ambassador

We want neurodivergent students to be aware of the support available to them at university. That's why we're partnering with a neurodiversity ambassador to raise awareness of the DSA.

Louise Chandler

Autistic student and awareness ambassador, @neurodivergent_lou

"I am delighted to be working alongside Texthelp to build an education system that works for all neurodivergent students. Texthelp are raising awareness of the support available for neurodivergent students and providing assistive technology to support students with learning and understanding. As an autistic university student, I am aware of how vital the Texthelp software is in removing barriers to studying and allowing neurodivergent students to thrive. Texthelp software allows me to process and remember important information, feel more motivated to study and save my energy."

We're Texthelp.

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