Inclusive technology to support an inclusive workplace

In this webinar with interactive resources, discover technology that supports an inclusive working environment. Explore how it's helping organisations make small changes with big impact for diversity and inclusion.

An on demand series exploring inclusive technology that supports an inclusive workplace

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15% of the world’s population have a disability. That’s 1 in 7 people. Around 15-20% are neurodivergent, meaning they have a neurodiverse condition such as Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD. These individuals thrive and are more likely to succeed in a workplace where they can understand more and work in their own way. At work, everyone should feel encouraged to think, learn and communicate in their own unique way - across all stages of their career. Inclusive technology can help.

Inclusive technology helps organisations make small changes with big impact for diversity and inclusion. It can support workplace inclusion at every stage of the employee lifecycle - from attracting and recruiting talent, to onboarding and developing your people. In this series, we explore how.

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Webinar: Inclusive technology to support, attract, and retain neurodiverse talent

When it comes to attracting & recruiting talent research has found that 43% of neurodivergent people have felt discouraged from applying for job roles because of the application process. An accessible application process is one that can be accessed, understood and completed by all people, without barriers. By looking at the language we use in our recruitment outlets, we can help improve the accessibility and inclusion of the process. Web accessibility software can help you to improve the accessibility and readability of your online content. In this webinar, discover how our web accessibility software, ReachDeck, can support you to attract and recruit neurodiverse talent.

In the workplace, 76% of people with a disability or neurodiverse condition do not fully disclose this at work. Inclusive technology can help provide instant and discreet support to all, without the need to self-identify. It offers a powerful tool that can help all employees to thrive in their own way. In fact, research has found that 92% of employed people with a disability reported that assistive technology helped them to work faster or better. In this webinar, explore how our inclusive technology, Read&Write for Work, can help you to retain and develop a neurodiverse workforce.

You'll hear from Paul Fox, Accessibility & Inclusion Specialist at Texthelp. Paul works across a number of key sectors including Government, Public Sector, Health, Third sector, Housing and Private Sector SME's. Paul and his team provide assistive software solutions that help support those organisations in their diversity, inclusion and accessibility journey.

You'll also gain lots of resources to help you explore our inclusive technology. From interactive feature tours, video demos and free trials, to stories from organisations and employees benefitting from inclusive tools.