With the cancellation of many events across the globe as a result of the global pandemic, we've been hosting lots of virtual events and webinars for teachers. Here you will find a varierty of edtech webinars as well as more general education webinars. Take a look below and delve in!

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Moving maths online

Listen along to leading industry voices: Mark McCourt, Chief Executive of La Salle Education, Atul Rana, Online Maths Tutor, Thomas Packer, Dragonfly Consultant, Dr Ciaran McIvor, Maths Teacher and Researcher, and Patrick McGrath, Education Technologist, as we hosted a discussion around what the future looks like for the maths curriculum.

Listen along

Getting the most from your Read&Write

We’ve put together an in-depth series of webinars to support you on your Read&Write journey. Whether you’re a user that’s brand new to the product or simply looking for a refresh - then these webinars are for you! 
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Making maths digital in your classroom

Texthelp, in collaboration with AppsEvents, is proud to present a series of four, short, pre-recorded webinars designed to help educators get to grips with the evolving landscape of maths instruction. As schools, teachers, and students become more tech-savvy, digital tools have swiftly followed suit - allowing for a deeper and more flexible learning experience.

Join the personalised learning revolution!

Watch our panel of experts as they help you discover how educational technology can help you to personalise the learning experience for every student. There's something for everyone in this series of on demand webinars, from literacy learning through to STEM, so dive on in.
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transforming teaching & learning in higher education

Access our pre-recorded webinars on how to effectively roll out Universal Design for Learning (UDL) within your university. We teamed up with Dr Abigail Moriarty, Director of Teaching & Learning at De Montfort University and Allison Posey, Curriculum and Design Specialist at CAST to bring you all the information you need.