Texthelper looking at Fluency Tutor for Google onscreen

What is Fluency Tutor?

Fluency Tutor for Google is our reading assessment tool.  It's a Chrome app designed to help support you with online reading instruction and reading intervention.  

Fluency Tutor helps students of all ages and ability levels become more avid, engaged and confident readers. What’s more, it gives teachers a clear picture of every child’s reading attainment and progress over time.

This easy-to-use app lets students record themselves reading aloud on their laptop, Chromebook or tablet, from the comfort of their own home and then send it to their teacher for feedback.

Benefits for teachers Benefits for your students
  • Supports teachers in identifying where reading interventions may be required for those students displaying delays in the development of their reading skills.
  • Easily assess and monitor progress over time.
  • Perfect for the blended learning environments, students can record reading aloud from home. 
  • Helps educators to support struggling readers in establishing good foundations for oral fluency.
  • Fluency Tutor can be used to improve accuracy in word decoding.
  • Use Fluency Tutor to strengthen students’ prosody and automaticity
  • Build students’ confidence in reading by allowing them to practice and record their reading at a time and place where they feel most comfortable.
  • Help emerging readers to build their reading foundation and foster a love of reading by giving them the opportunity to guide their own reading.
  • Encourage reluctant readers to develop an interest in reading through reading age and interest-appropriate content.
  • Guide English Language Learners in improving the accuracy of their decoding.
  • Help every student to develop an appropriate use of prosody or meaningful oral expression while reading.
  • Engage students in oral fluency practice without the embarrassment of reading in front of their classmates.

Features at a glance

Fluency Tutor is crammed full of features that make it perfect for tracking oral fluency in a traditional classroom, or through blended learning environment.

  • Library of over 500 leveled reading passages, based on content, lexile level or reading age
  • Create reading passages from existing curriculum materials or online sources
  • Share passages with individual students, or with the entire class using Google Drive or Google Classroom 'share' function
  • Students can record their own assigned reading passages whenever and wherever it suits them and share back with their teacher
  • Provides extra help for students with text-to-speech, dictionary, picture dictionary and translate tools
  • Quick Score tool for teachers to assess accuracy or more in-depth assessment of reading progress
  • Friendly dashboard interface for teachers & students