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Create better writers, reduce teacher workload.
Achieve more.

WriQ helps reduce the amount of time spent grading. It allows you to give students fast, effective feedback and track writing progress over time.

Guiding students to grow as writers is a long process, and it’s not easy.

WriQ is a digital writing achievement tool. It's designed to speed up student writing proficiency using learning analytics.

WriQ allows teachers to provide fast and effective feedback on individual written work. It frees up the time they would have spent grading to put back into the classroom and their students.

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WriQ Scoring User Interface

Free up time and reduce teacher workload

Remove subjectivity and manual time spent grading written work. Consistently assess writing across students and year groups using rubrics. Automatically score writing indicators such as spelling, punctuation and grammar, vocabulary maturity and time on task.

WriQ Feedback User Interface

Give fast, effective feedback

Give meaningful feedback and motivation directly to your students. Help them to improve writing skills and quality. Increase their confidence and attainment as a result.

WriQ WriQmeter User Interface

Put students in charge of their own learning

Students can track how long they can write for, before taking a pause or stopping (a writing burst). Positive nudge notifications prompt them to do a little better every day. They’re only ever in competition with themselves.

WriQ Insights User Interface

Take action with our insights

Use data to identify patterns in writing performance. Track progress and support curriculum planning. Become more confident in reporting on writing quality data.

Achieve more with WriQ

WriQ offers great free and premium features to help write a success story for teachers and students. Improve student writing achievement as an Add-in for Microsoft Word or as a Google Chrome extension for Google Docs.

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Simple Freemium and Premium options


Free Individual access to all premium features 30 days


Free District level access to all premium features Includes implementation resources

Group K-12

$10per student Access to all premium features for a defined group Annual license (minimum numbers apply)

District-wide K-12

Introductory price$1.00per student Access to all premium features for every teacher and student Annual license (minimum numbers apply)

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