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You’ll no doubt be familiar with the Lexile framework that helps teachers and parents match reading materials to a child’s unique level. It’s also a powerful tool to measure and track each student’s progress over time as an increasingly fluent, mature reader. So far there’s never been a similar metric for writing assessment. 

Assessing student writing is a time consuming and tedious process. Reading through and evaluating dozens of multi-page documents and providing meaningful feedback during your “free” time is no one’s idea of fun.

But we’ve come up with a solution that can help - WriQ. 

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The standard measure for every student’s writing 

We’ve created WriQ to provide a standard measurement for writing. We’ve done this to help teachers and parents monitor and manage the progress of each student’s writing.

Just as importantly, we’ve designed WriQ to help teachers provide more meaningful, personalized feedback, with greater clarity to improve student confidence. 

To build WriQ we’ve collected an enormous data set that has allowed us to create standardized norms for assessing writing, which we combine to create the WriQ Score.

Through these norms, WriQ will help teachers evaluate their students' written communication skills and provide meaningful feedback to improve their students' writing over time - just as Lexile levels do with reading.

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Building a complete picture

WriQ calculates each student’s attainment level as a writer on the basis of these qualitative factors:

  Writing Speed in Words per Minute

  Correct Writing Speed in WCPM

  Sentence Length

  Text Maturity

  Spelling Accuracy

  Punctuation Correctness

  Grammar Correctness

  Correct Word Sequences

Once that scoring is complete, teachers can assess their students’ writing from a qualitative standpoint through the use of Texthelp-built rubrics.  These rubrics are based on the student’s grade and the genre of writing, measuring everything from plot, narrative techniques, language and more.  

Through these metrics, WriQ can give teachers and parents a more meaningful picture of each student’s overall maturity and sophistication as a writer. 

Save time & effort!

WriQ uses a powerful computer algorithm that instantly assesses each student’s writing, replacing the time-consuming task for teachers of assessing written passages manually.

This WriQ Score is directly embedded into the student’s work, giving instant feedback to help students improve their writing.

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