Exams and Assessments

Assessment time can be a stressful time of year for any student or educator, but for students who struggle with reading and writing, this time of year can be overwhelming.  

At Texthelp, not only do we provide support for students in the classroom, but we’ve also now made our support for student assessments even better. 


What is Read&Write for Assessments?

It’s a supportive writing environment designed for locked down (kiosk mode) testing scenarios administered on Chromebooks. This video shows a quick overview on how it works. 

When is this needed?

A widely used exam scenario for G Suite for Education districts is to use Chromebooks for state testing or end of year assessments in kiosk mode. And for students that require IEP accommodations for writing, they’ll need a secondary device with a secure writing environment that includes necessary accommodations like text-to-speech, word prediction and Talk&Type. 

Now with Read&Write for Assessments, students that require writing support can use the same tools on testing day that they’re accustomed to using every day with Read&Write for Google Chrome.  And it’s all done in a secure way.

Test Correlations

Read&Write for Assessments is available for use across many state testing scenarios. To check which Read&Write features correlate to your state test accommodations, click the button below. 

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We’ve worked with lots of educators across North America and along the way we’ve gathered lots of hints and tips around testing. Here’s a rundown of our top five.

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