Neurodiversity at work

Everyone’s different, with their own ways of working. You’ll meet the auditory processors, who like listening to information rather than reading. You’ll meet the mind-mappers who process and plan visually. And you’ll meet the steady scribblers who stick to good old note-taking.

Neurodiverse employees could be struggling in silence with increased stress levels and lowered productivity - which means they’re unable to show their true potential at work. 

Let's retain, encourage and motivate your employees to achieve their best.

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Let’s help people believe in their strengths and be able to fly...  

Kate Gilbert (Genius Within), Liam Pettit (Matchware), Kevin Bowsher and Emma Newman-Baronius (Network Rail) as well as our own Texthelpers share their perspectives on neurodiversity in the workplace and explain why you need neurodiverse people in your organization.

 Features to support neurodiverse staff

neurodiverse support with Read&Write  

We help organizations and their employees communicate confidently with Read&Write.

Employing over 38,000 staff, Network Rail is responsible for delivering a safe, reliable railway for four and half million people and businesses who rely on it every day.

But it's essential that Network Rail staff feel empowered and have the right tools and support to go about their work with confidence and independence.

Installed on PCs and tablets, Read&Write helps staff members with neurodiverse challenges and visual disabilities who can benefit from extra help with emails, documents and using the web.
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what our customers in the private sector say...


Employees reported an increase in productivity and accuracy in their role, feeling valued and appreciated following the implementation of Read&Write. The stigma attached to declaring their disability decreased/ceased to exist, and employees felt confident offering peer-to-peer support to other colleagues around the disability agenda.

Miranda Wayland, ITV

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