With the cancellation of many events across the globe as a result of the global pandemic, we've been hosting lots of virtual events and webinars for teachers. Here you will find a varierty of edtech webinars as well as more general education webinars. Take a look below and delve in!

Join us for a webinar: Supporting the literacy needs of all your students with Read&Write

Two District’s Journeys: Supporting the Literacy Needs of Every Student with Read&Write

Listen along to our guest panel of Read&Write customers to hear first hand how Read&Write is helping them to meet the needs of all students. Join Cassie Frost (Assistive Technology Specialist) from Stevens Point School District as well as Brian Bartel (Technology Integrator) and Krista Holland (Occupational Therapist/Assistive Technology) from Appleton Area School District as they share their district’s successful journey in going district-wide with Read&Write.

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Ensuring student achievement in reading and writing

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has disrupted education, widening the literacy gap for learners who were already struggling prior to school closures. According to a recent study by The World Bank Group, COVID-19 could result in average losses of 0.6 years of schooling, so we can expect to see existing achievement gaps grow exceedingly larger. Addressing these reading and writing losses is now an urgent challenge for education leaders.

Join us for a webinar as we address how to assess where your students are in their reading and writing achievement, ways to provide personalized instruction, as well as how to utilize technology to track reading and writing fluency progress over time.

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Join us for a webinar: Ensuring student achievement in reading and writing

Remove barriers to online instruction

To say that things have been in flux over this past year is an understatement. The everyday learning environment has taken on a whole new meaning as students and teachers have pivoted from in-person, to remote, to hybrid learning (and have sometimes bridged these gaps multiple times). But we’re doing it and making it work, and most importantly we’re changing the landscape of traditional education every day.

Register to watch this free webinar recording as we take a look at how education has changed over this past year, where things are heading and the tools that can help students move forward with rigor and without barriers.

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Digital math Mondays

To help math & STEM teachers with Remote Learning, we have a weekly live stream to answer questions about teaching math digitally with EquatIO. All recordings of the live stream can be found on our Youtube channel. If you'd like to submit a question on Twitter, use #ExploreEquatIO
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Image showing: Digital Math Mondays with Louis and Ryan
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Using Texthelp tools to enhance remote learning

We’ve put together a webinar series to help you understand how Texthelp's tools can keep teaching and learning meaningful and engaging for all students during this transition period to remote and e-learning.

During each session we'll break down how Texthelp tools support different coursework and grade levels, and we'll provide valuable resources and best practices for using those tools.

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Helping your students thrive in the math classroom

For this webinar, Texthelp's EquatIO Product Manager and Evangelist, Louis Shanafelt, will be exploring EquatIO and its integrations with LMS's like Canvas, and will be demonstrating the student and teacher tools available within EquatIO.

Alongside Louis, we're delighted to have guest speaker Jane’t Johnson, a Secondary Math Curriculum Coach at Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, share her experience and learnings from implementing EquatIO at her school district in Texas.

Helping your students thrive in the math classroom
The future of maths in four videos

Making maths digital in your classroom

Texthelp, in collaboration with AppsEvents, is proud to present a series of four, short, pre-recorded webinars designed to help educators get to grips with the evolving landscape of maths instruction. As schools, teachers, and students become more tech-savvy, digital tools have swiftly followed suit - allowing for a deeper and more flexible learning experience.