Equatio mathspace

Solve math problems collaboratively. Equatio mathspace is a web-based tool that allows math learners to work freely in a digital space with equations, shapes, and freehand drawings.

Equatio mathspace is a great tool to:

Help students show their thinking

Explaining your thinking in math takes more than one line, and a combination of math expressions and text. Multiple lines and shapes and freehand drawing in Equatio mathspace helps students demonstrate their understanding.

Show teachers student progression

Equatio mathspace integrates with Google Classroom, meaning mathspace can be used for formative assessment in Google Forms. The mathspace tools allow students to demonstrate their thought process and allows teachers to track student progress.

How do you use Equatio mathspace?

Building understanding of math concepts with manipulatives

Students learn in multiple ways. Using manipulatives and drawings to explain new or difficult math concepts is a great way to help everyone in the class get to grips with math concepts.

Using shapes and smart shapes

Help students demonstrate their understanding of a math or STEM topic by using Shapes and Smart Shapes in Equatio mathspace. This is a great alternative for when students don’t have access to physical manipulatives. Geometric shapes often need to be turned, rotated, or flipped, and with Mathspace your students can explore many different shapes. With Smart Shapes, students can experiment with Fraction Wheels, a Protractor Tool, a Compass and more, helping students to draw and measure angles.

Multi-paging experience

Multiple pages of mathspaces are helpful for students as well as teachers. With mathspace, you can add as many pages as you would like to explore and solve your math problems. Some students can often be overwhelmed by having too many problems on one page. Having the opportunity to break it up into smaller digestible bites is critical for them.

Close the feedback loop with Rapid reviewer

Speed up the grading and feedback process with the Rapid Review feature in Equatio. Immediate, meaningful feedback has a big impact on student performance and engagement, that’s why the Rapid Review feature gives you the option to leave students feedback quickly. You can use the feature to quickly scroll through student submissions, taking a temperature check on kids to see how close they are to achieving the day’s learning outcome. Coupled with Rapid Reviewer, Equatio mathspace can be used as an effective formative assessment tool.

Infinite shapes and objects for students to choose from

With the infinite cloner toggled on by you, your students will have an infinite amount of shapes or objects to use. For example, if you asked students to show 89 cents. You give the students a selection of coins. Each coin has the cloning mechanism turned to the on position. This way when a student needs multiple coins of a specific denomination, they can simply drag a coin off the top of the pile, and underneath will be a stack of other coins in the same denomination.

Locking shapes in Equatio mathspace

Many items in a mathspace can be distracting for some students, particularly younger kids. Equatio mathspace provides a lockdown feature on items in your space. Simply, select the item that you wish to lock down, and a small padlock will appear on the student side indicating that the item can not be clicked on, dragged, or moved about the space. This can come in handy when there are multiple items in a space, or if you have a built out table, with lots of items, and numbers inside your table.

What educators say

"#Equatio from @texthelp now integrates with #Jamboard. I really love how mathspace inserts as an image and students can use the Nib tools in Jamboard to color in the smart shapes to make their thinking visible!! #FMSDTechChat"

Equatio is free for teachers!

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