Identify struggling readers

Use Fluency Tutor to identify struggling readers and introduce reading intervention plans. To avoid any delays in learning and build reading skills.

Identify struggling readers by:

Tracking and assessing oral reading progress

Record metrics including problem words, words correct per minute and comprehension scores. Export this into Google Sheets to create charts or graphs to track progress over time and identify gaps in learning.

Closing the feedback loop

Keep your students motivated after the bell rings by providing online feedback after they record passages. Include details such as areas they need to improve on or additional readings they should complete.

Implementing reading intervention plans

The data within Fluency Tutor will help identify where reading intervention plans are required. Helping to get students back on track quickly and avoid further delays in reading development.

What our customers say

Fluency Tutor plays a key role in progress monitoring at West Warwick as teachers are able to quickly identify struggling readers and put interventions in place to help the student achieve their next step in learning without falling further behind.

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