The Free for Teachers program for Equatio has come to an end

On June 30th 2023, our Free for Teachers program for Equatio came to a close. This means we will no longer be accepting new applications. However, anyone with a current Free for Teachers licence will continue to have access for one more year.

We understand the value that the program has provided to many of you, and we want to assure you that we are as committed as ever to making math digital and accessible for everyone. We can see a different way to help more people and we want to make an impact on as many students as possible. So instead, we’ll be focusing on getting Equatio into the hands of many more students and teachers.

We’ll also be spending more time developing the product and creating better resources to help teachers with the future of math education.

You can still try Equatio free for 30 days. This gives you the opportunity to better understand the features, functionalities and benefits of our tool.

Key features

  • Equation editor icon

    Equation Editor: Create your math and science expressions by typing right into the editor. Use Prediction to insert fractions, exponents, operators, formulas, chemical symbols, and more.

  • Equatio Graph Editor icon

    Graph Editor: Create and customize single or multiple graphs, plot ordered pairs or tables of points and more, with this tool powered by Desmos graphing calculator.

  • Equatio speech input icon

    Speech input: Dictate equations and formulas aloud. Equatio understands what you’re saying, turning your spoken input to written expressions.

  • Icon EquatIO Mathspace

    Insert mathspace: A super-smart collaborative workspace for your Chrome browser that enables you and your students to make math together, bringing mathematics to life for the whole class.

    • Icon EquatIO Latex

      LaTeX Editor: For more advanced users, use LaTeX to create math expressions and add them directly into digital documents.

    • Equatio Handwriting recognition icon

      Handwriting recognition: Handwrite math expressions using a touchscreen device or mouse pointer.

    • Icon EquatIO Mobile

      Equatio mobile: A mobile companion that enables you to use your phone or tablet to insert handwritten math, spoken math or images into your document.

    • Equatio screenshot reader icon

      Screenshot reader: Turn any equation across the web into accessible, editable math with the Equatio Screenshot Reader. Simply take a screenshot of the inaccessible equation to convert it into accessible math, which will automatically be read aloud.

    Product-led learning

    Whether you use our tools as a teacher or student in education, we've got lots of resources to help you become an expert user. You’ll find everything from video tours and guides to formal training in our Equatio Academy

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