OrbitNote Annotation Tools

Leave notes, comments, annotations, and complete digital worksheets directly in a PDF with OrbitNote.

Discover how teachers can use the OrbitNote integration within Read&Write to provide students with consistent support within PDFs

Collaborate on one PDF

The Comments feature gives you the option to leave a side comment, with the ability to add a voice note or even image. This is great for group projects where students can mark up pdfs, leave each other comments on areas they’ve researched, or worked on in the shared PDF.

Organize and understand with PDF annotating

The Text annotation tool is great for adding annotations and notes to a PDF. You can use the tool to leave instructions or explanations for your students. Your students in turn can use the text annotation tool to complete a worksheet or questions at the end of a PDF.

Communicate without confusion

The Pushpin feature allows you to leave helpful hints and tips, as well as instructions for your students, without your PDF becoming littered with annotations, which can be confusing for some students. The pushpin allows you to leave a note and then displays a simple red pushpin which your students can click on to reveal more information. This keeps communication in a PDF clean and simple.

OrbitNote Highlighter Tools

OrbitNote Highlighting tools

Whether working as a group, or individually, OrbitNote’s Highlighter tools make gathering information and research fast and simple. All the work can be done within the PDF document, making it easy to collaborate and have a digital trail of the work.

Lightening the load of study

The colored highlighter tools in OrbitNote are great for highlighting text in pdfs in different colors, organizing information and research. For students already familiar with the similar tools in Read&Write, this makes searching and collecting information easier and straightforward, with no need for them to copy information between documents. This reduces their cognitive load.

Note-taking made easy

In pen and paper days it was pretty simple to draw an asterisk at an important part of your document and scribble some notes. Now, with the Freehand drawing tool in OrbitNote, you and your students can do exactly the same in a PDF. Great for students who might struggle with typing, or for anyone who simply wants to make a really quick note. It’s also a really good way to bring text to life in a collaborative PDF document, having everyone scribbling their thoughts down.

What our customers say

I love how OrbitNote allows all learners to easily manipulate PDF documents and gives them access to the familiar Read&Write tools that allow them to be independent and successful.

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