Texthelp’s PDF Reader is now OrbitNote

Everything our customers love about the PDF Reader has been included into our brand new product - OrbitNote. It’s a fast and easy to use PDF web app that just works out of the box. It’s got a slick new look and a simplified Google classroom integration.

Take your documents to the next level!

OrbitNote allows you to create, transform and experience digital documents in a whole new way. Creating accessible, dynamic work and learning environments.

Texthelp’s PDF Reader was always part of Read&Write, it included all the literacy support tools you know and love. If you are a Read&Write customer you will still have everything you need to create accessible documents. Looking ahead, we have big plans for OrbitNote, as it grows and more features are added it will become a stand-alone product with premium features that we know you’ll love - so watch this space!

Take a look at the improvements

  • A fast and easy to use PDF web app that just works out of the box
  • A lightweight Chrome extension only needed for select features - no extension required for reading and annotating PDFs in Google Drive!
  • Refreshed toolbar look and feel
  • A simplified Google Classroom integration
  • New “dark mode” toolbar theme
  • Faster delivery of product updates and bug fixes

Texthelper holding a chemistry vial

What better a time to experiment with a new tool that can make your life easier? We'd love some feedback from the experts - you! 

On July 26 2021, Texthelp PDF Reader became OrbitNote. If you are a Read&Write customer, you will continue to get access to the same PDF features you’ve been used to, at no additional cost. We have much more planned for this tool later in the year. As OrbitNote grows and more features are added it will become a stand alone product that you can add to your package, but for now it’s yours to try!

On July 26 2021, the Texthelp PDF Reader extension for Chrome and Edge was automatically updated to become OrbitNote. Get ready for this exciting update by checking out our detailed FAQs below.


  • Yes, Texthelp PDF Reader is evolving to become a brand new product which will be OrbitNote. OrbitNote will have all the Texthelp PDF Reader features you know and love for reading, highlighting, annotating and collaborating on PDFs - but now with a new name and experience, and more exciting features to come.

  • Yes! You and your students will have access to the same features in OrbitNote that you have had with Read&Write and the Texthelp PDF Reader. So this means tools like text to speech, dictionaries, highlighters, as well as annotation tools like text, voice notes, comments, shapes, drawing and more.

  • Beginning around July 22nd, the Texthelp PDF Reader will start automatically updating to become OrbitNote. It may take some time to roll out to all users, but the Texthelp PDF Reader Chrome extension will update to become the OrbitNote Chrome extension with a new name and logo.

    If you don’t want to wait, you can manually update your Texthelp PDF Reader Chrome extension or simply remove it and install the OrbitNote Chrome extension from the Chrome Store.

  • You can continue to access PDFs the same way that you have previously, and they will just automatically open in the new OrbitNote viewer.

    In Google Drive, you can choose “Open with Read&Write for Google Chrome” or “Open with OrbitNote” and both options will take you to the same place. In OneDrive, just ensure you have the OrbitNote Chrome extension installed and choose the “Open in browser” option on your PDF.

  • These will all carry over into OrbitNote, so you shouldn’t lose any of your previous work!

  • After you’ve updated from Texthelp PDF Reader to OrbitNote, there will be one new permission screen the first time you open a PDF. This additional permission will add a new “Open with OrbitNote” option to your PDFs in Google Drive.