Read&Write for Apple Products

Making content on Mac, iPad, iPhone and Safari more accessible for everyone.

A boost for reading and writing on Apple products and Safari

Read&Write works where your students work. Whether that’s on a Mac, iPhone and iPad or using Safari for research, Read&Write gives students more confidence and independence to work in class, or at home.

Reading and writing support on your Mac

The Read&Write toolbar integrates with Apple products across a range of educational content, including on the web and within PDFs. Supporting every student with reading, writing and researching, wherever they’re working.

This short video shows you how the Read&Write for Mac toolbar can give student writing a boost.

Writing support on your iPad and iPhone

The Read&Write for iOS app allows users to create, manage and import documents, all in one area. You can type and create documents using built-in support tools like text-to-speech, prediction, spelling and grammar, and more.

This short video shows you how Read&Write for iOS can give student writing a boost when using iPads or iPhones.

iPad Safari Toolbar

With lots of the tools that students know and love, the Read&Write toolbar built specifically for Safari gives your students access to tools like text-to-speech, dictionary, picture dictionary and translator for reading webpages in Safari on iPad.

What our customers say

Read&Write has been very helpful in assisting pupils to approach tasks more independently by aiding their understanding and building their confidence with reading.

What's next?

If you have any questions about Read&Write for any of your Apple products, you’d like to see it in action or you’d like to talk to one of our Texthelpers about licensing options, then please complete this form.