How Read&Write can support employees with ADHD

More than 366 million adults worldwide have ADHD. This makes up a large portion of the workforce, and it’s important these employees have the right accommodations.

Creating an inclusive workplace for employees with ADHD

When we support neurodiverse employees, including those with ADHD, we unlock a range of business benefits:

  1. Tap into a larger talent pool of skilled individuals 
  2. Get the unique strengths that employees with ADHD can provide, like hyperfocus and curiosity. 
  3. Add to an inclusive workplace culture, where all employees feel welcome and safe.
  4. Attract and retain top-tier talent, with many professionals citing an inclusive workplace as an important factor in choosing where to work. 

Read&Write for Work empowers all employees to thrive in their own way. This inclusion tool, already trusted by companies like EY, Lumen and Network Rail, provides instant support to neurodivergent employees. This includes employees with ADHD.

The discreet Read&Write toolbar features easy access to a powerful set of reading and writing tools. These tools help the people across organizations who struggle with digital text in some way.

Many people don’t want to admit that they need extra support, nor are they legally obliged to. By making our tools available to everyone, responsible business leaders can provide support to their entire workforce. 

Read&Write helps create an inclusive workplace, powering your DEI and ESG efforts and making it easier to attract from a wider talent pool and retain diverse talent.

Used by organizations including

What Read&Write tools can be used to support employees with ADHD?

  • Icon Read&Write Text to Speech

    Text-to-Speech: Reads text on the screen out loud and highlights each spoken word with different colors (including inaccessible text)

  • Icon Read&Write Screenmasking

    Screen Masking: Lets you change the screen color to reduce visual stress. It also creates a special reading spotlight that can be adjusted according to color, size, and transparency.

    • Icon Read&Write Highlighter

      Highlighting: Picks and highlights important parts from different digital sources, putting them together in one document. It also notes where each piece came from.

    • Icon Read&Write Prediction

      Prediction: Suggests the words employees are typing, making it easier to stay focused and write smoothly.

    • Icon Read&Write Audio Maker

      Audio Maker: Turns big documents into MP3 files so employees can listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

    Here’s how Read&Write can support employees with ADHD in different areas:

    Help employees improve their focus and attention span

    Employees with ADHD may struggle with concentration and focus, especially in environments with distractions like busy offices. Read&Write's suite of features provides customized solutions to address these issues.

    Text-to-speech lets employees read text aloud, whether it’s their own work or other information. Being able to read and hear text can help improve an employee’s ability to retain information.

    Audio Maker is useful for employees with ADHD who may struggle to read through large documents. It converts text into MP3 files for easy listening on the go. 

    Screen Masking can be used by employees with ADHD to minimize distractions and help with visual glare. The reading pane can help guide reading to help with focus and screen fatigue.

    Harness employee strengths like creativity and innovative thinking 

    Employees with ADHD often show certain strengths that translate into strong business benefits. For example, creativity, hyperfocus, resilience and a unique perspective towards problem solving.

    Check It highlights grammar and spelling errors while employees work. This lets employees focus on the content of their writing and getting their key ideas across. Rather than spelling or grammar mistakes.

    Word Prediction suggests a word as user types to make it easier to keep the flow of writing. This can help with expressing thoughts and ideas without interruptions.

    Voice Notes is a friendly alternative to written comments. This makes it ideal for employees with ADHD to capture their spontaneous ideas without the need to stop and type.

    Read&Write help employees reach their full potential

    With instant and discreet support, Read&Write provides game-changing support. It builds upon natural strengths, fuels potential and optimizes how employees carry out their daily tasks. 

    Providing ADHD accommodations at work is also crucial in looking after employee well-being. Read&Write’s extra support means employees won’t feel the stress of trying to keep up in a non-inclusive workplace. Employees can perform to the best of their ability, and recognize themselves as valued employees in doing so.  

    Want tips on how to support colleagues with ADHD?

    In this blog, we brought together ADHD coaches, business leaders, and people with lived experience of ADHD for their insights and tips for ADHD workplace adjustments

    20% of people worldwide are neurodivergent. And 76% won’t disclose it at work. 

    Offering accommodations for the get-go is essential as it means employees don’t have to disclose their ADHD. This helps create an inclusive workplace where all employees can avail of Read&Write, whether they share that they’re neurodivergent or not.

    Get the guide & learn more about supporting neurodivergent staff

    For more information on what we can do to understand and help our neurodiverse employees, check out our free guide, Neurodiversity in the Workplace: A Guide for HR and DEI Managers. In here, you'll find more information on supporting employees with ADHD by creating an inclusive workplace where all employees can thrive.

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