Creating the ‘penny-drop’ moment

More than in any other subject, insight into mathematical concepts comes to pupils in penny-dropping moments. Finding a learning activity that helps to reduce frustrating barriers to understanding is key, whether that be a fun interactive game or a simple diagram. But, with many different learning styles, that sudden moment of realization comes differently to each and every student, and so the math lesson becomes a bit more complex. At Texthelp, we wanted to allow students to benefit from the visualization of mathematical concepts and have the ability to interact with them in real time. We also wanted to give teachers a multitude of ways to engage student minds in relatable ways. That’s why we created EquatIO.

There are many ways to explore the language of math

Creating the 'penny-drop' moment with EquatIO

EquatIO brings the benefits of edtech to the math class, digitizing math content so students can interact with it however they learn best. Designed with Universal Design for Learning principles in mind, EquatIO supports a wide range of learning styles by providing multiple means of engagement, representation, and expression. Students can convert inaccessible expressions or equations into accessible math that can be read aloud. They can also explore mathematical equations, formulas, Desmos graphs and more, using multiple methods of input including prediction, dictation or handwriting recognition. Diverse learners can engage with the language of math in a way which suits their needs and strengths, and that means a huge leap forward for personalisation and accessibility in the math class. 

More than a supportive solution that allows students to access math like never before, EquatIO gives students a richer connection to math. They can explore math concepts on a deeper level and express their understanding creatively. Not only can students mix up how they interact with math through the variety of input methods, but with EquatIO mathspace they are also presented with a platform that supports an encouraging and engaging learning environment.

Creating math that’s fun, collaborative and interactive 

EquatIO mathspace offers a central storage space where teachers can create and save activity worksheets to share directly with students. Just like a virtual classroom, teachers can use EquatIO mathspace to present a mathematical problem to every student at once, and have them work through it at their own pace before submitting their answers. Or, they can even scaffold the problem and send different versions to different groups of students within the class based on their learning styles or comprehension levels. 

With the ability to provide annotated feedback on each mathspace, teachers can give one-to-one support to every student, and can offer additional explanation or challenges to their solutions. What’s more, EquatIO mathspace turns problem solving into problem sharing with the chance for collaborative group work that increases student discussion and creates a friendly atmosphere where students will enjoy learning.

The perfect partner for tech focused schools, and teachers too

The ability to offer fun and creative interactive learning in the math class, combined with the accessibility features of EquatIO, make it the perfect partner for tech focused schools. And, let’s not forget the advantages it can bring to math teachers too. With EquatIO mathspace, engaging math resources can be created quickly and easily, and saved for use again and again. Quick repurposing of content is also made simple with the Screenshot Reader feature, which allows you to grab math from your favorite sources to use in your own documents. Aside from the time saving aspect, the biggest take away is the fact that you are able to bring math into context for each individual student, giving the chance for that spark of understanding to happen.

Take a look at EquatIO to find out more.