End of support for Read&Write for Windows version 11.5

Here at Texthelp, we are always working to provide the best solutions and tools for our users. In order to focus on the latest and greatest, sometimes that means ending support for older versions of our software. Today we’re announcing the end of support for Read&Write for Windows version 11.5. This will take effect on September 30, 2021. Read on to learn more about what this means.

Read&Write 11.5 has been around since January 2015, which is a long time in software years. Since then, Read&Write has seen countless updates including a new toolbar look and feel, brand new features, compatibility with the latest Windows operating systems and applications, and enhanced security and performance. To see what’s new with the latest version of Read&Write for Windows, check out our YouTube playlist here: Read&Write for Windows Feature Demos.

What does “End of Support” mean?

"End of support" means that from September 30, 2021, there will be no new maintenance or security updates for Read&Write 11.5, and this version will no longer be serviced by our Tech Support team. More details can be found on our support site: Read&Write Version 11.5 - End of Support. If you are using Read&Write 11.5, support articles for this version of the software will remain on our support site after this date if you need assistance.

What next?

If you have a current Read&Write subscription, you can start using the latest version of Read&Write for Windows today. Just head to the Texthelp website, download your version of the software, and sign in with your product code or email address that’s associated with your subscription.

Don’t have a subscription? You can get started with a 30 day trial of the latest version of Read&Write for Windows. This lets you try out all the features for free. If you’re interested in purchasing or upgrading, get in touch with us here: