Engage and empower learners: Explore the new Equatio interactive tour

At Texthelp, we're passionate about inspiring learning through exploration and discovery. That's why we're thrilled to unveil a brand new interactive tour for Equatio, designed to empower educators and learners alike!

Watch this short video for a quick rundown of this newest update to Equatio.

Educators: unlock a world of engagement

We understand that keeping students engaged is a top priority. Our interactive tour gives you the knowledge to unlock Equatio's full potential, helping you to transform your classroom activities.

Here's what you'll discover:

  1. Engaging and creative strategies: Dive into exciting ways to integrate Equatio into your lessons.
  2. Boost student confidence: Learn how Equatio empowers students to visualize, understand, and solve math problems independently.
  3. Become an Equatio pro: Gain valuable tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of Equatio for yourself, your colleagues, and your students.

Equipping learners for success

We haven't forgotten about the learners! They can take their own interactive tour, exploring Equatio's intuitive features.

This empowers learners to:

  1. Remove barriers to learning: Understand math concepts and navigate learning challenges with user-friendly tools.
  2. Build confidence: Learn to solve problems effectively, visualize math concepts, and deepen their overall understanding.

Ready to explore?

Jump into the interactive tour and discover the power of Equatio in your classroom. Don't forget to check out our Product Academy for even more helpful tips and tricks.