C’est magnifique! EquatIO for Google fully supports French

Last fall we announced the first phase of our French language support in EquatIO for Google. Today, we are pleased to release the final piece of the puzzle, making EquatIO for Google fully functional in French!

Keep reading to learn more.

In October 2018, we announced that EquatIO for Google was available with French localization. This included French prediction and Speech Input. However, the ability to have math read aloud in French was not yet available. But all that changes today. Now, you can also have the digital math you create spoken aloud in French!

To change your language settings, simply click on the EquatIO menu, go to Options, select Math options, and then select Français.

Once you do, you’ll see that all of the text within EquatIO switches to French.

You'll also hear that when you have your math read aloud with Read&Write localized in French, it'll read your mathen français!