How can literacy software support employees with dyslexia?

One in 10 people have dyslexia. For many, the digital workplace creates barriers to their success. Literacy software helps employees with dyslexia to overcome challenges and empowers them to harness their unique strengths. 

Here’s how.

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Dyslexic minds often process information visually and with originality. To their teams, people with dyslexia are often known as the problem-solvers. That’s because they’re able to recognize patterns and discover connections that others have missed. They are able to look at tasks with a holistic and creative approach, and are renowned for being detailed verbal communicators. But for many dyslexic people, sharing their talents doesn’t come without its stresses and strains.

In the modern workspace, much of our communication is in the written format. There’s an ever-increasing demand for accurate and speedy work. But if written communication doesn’t suit everyone, what then?

Literacy software helps to make the workplace more inclusive. It offers employees a choice in how they work, levelling the playing field so that every employee is empowered to succeed in their career. 

Meet Colin, user of assistive technology

Colin Moloney, Governance Manager, UK Civil Service

"Colin is intelligent, but doesn't show it on paper." 

That’s the phrase that’s written on most of Colin’s reports from his school days. And unfortunately, it’s a phrase with which many people with dyslexia can relate. 

As someone with dyslexia, Colin experiences difficulty processing information in his short-term memory. He also struggles with organization and has challenges when it comes to writing and spelling. 

Colin is also very well respected in his job, receiving many promotions before settling into his current role as Governance Manager in the UK Civil Service. But his succession didn’t come without its challenges.  

It must be said that a world that’s not inclusive hinders the talents of people with neurodiversity. Colin experienced a time in his career where his job was on the line. Why? Because his role involved a lot of reading and writing, and the supports were simply not there.

Fortunately, Colin’s Line Manager stepped in. Through inclusive practice, he was provided with adjustments to support his way of working. And because of that, Colin began to thrive. One of his supports was Read&Write for Work.

 “I have strategies to deal with my dyslexia. And one of the most important ones is Texthelp Read&Write. It helps me when I'm drafting any work-related papers, it picks up spelling mistakes, homophones, all the things that dyslexics have problems with. I've been using it for about 20 years.” - Colin Moloney

So, what is Read&Write?

Read&Write is a literacy software that supports users with neurodiverse conditions like dyslexia. Its features support employees to work in a way which suits their strengths. And, it's also designed to empower efficiency and productivity in the fast-paced world of work. 

Speedy processing

Many individuals with dyslexia process information best when it's audible. Text-to-speech technology allows them to decode text in their preferred way, helping them to take in information much quicker and proofread their work much faster. Read&Write for Work offers text-to-speech across any platform or device and supports easy listening on the go.

Speaking of the software, Chris Pickup, a Finance Administrator with dyslexia states;

“Read&Write helps me to work at a faster rate. I can use text-to-speech instead of reading documents, which in turn allows me to work more quickly, as I am a slow reader.”  

Improved focus

Individuals with dyslexia might find it difficult to focus. Read&Write provides a screen masking feature that helps to focus the users attention on content they want to read. It helps to reduce what many dyslexics describe as ‘distorted and moving text’. This makes it easier to interpret, and supports task completion. 

Explaining the benefits of screen-tinting, Taljinder Duggal, Corporate Communications and Engagement Analyst with dyslexia and dyspraxia, explains;

“When reading an Excel document, the text and numbers used to dance all over my screen. The moment I added the screen masking feature, through color theory and by using the pink and blue tint overlays, the Excel sheet almost ironed itself out. I could read it seamlessly.”

Quick response

In the workplace, urgent matters creep up. Employees need to be able to react quickly, and with accuracy. Diction provides an alternative method of input. Employees simply speak their thoughts and watch as the words appear on screen. This helps those with dyslexia to get their thoughts down, without worry over the mechanics of spelling. Helping them to respond much faster, without feeling overwhelmed. 

It offers a thoughtful adjustment. And supports an inclusive workplace

Employees with dyslexia may have their own coping mechanisms. But Read&Write provides an extra level of support. Providing the software helps you to demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion, and ensures your employees feel supported. Having the software readily available also means the support is there for those that may not have disclosed their disability or who may not know they have dyslexia.

A workplace culture that embraces diversity supports personal achievement and organizational success. It helps organizations make the workplace a place where great things happen - for everyone. 

To find out more about Read&Write, visit our dedicated product page. Or, reach out to our team to discover how Read&Write can benefit your organization.

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