Read&Write is Now Windows 10 Ready

This week, we’ve released an exciting new update to Read&Write for Windows version 11.5. This update provides even more ways for Windows users to access Read&Write – including in the new Windows 10 operating system, the Windows Edge browser, Office 365 in Edge, and on high resolution devices and tablets.

Edge browser screenshot with Read&Write

Read&Write 11.5 is now fully compatible with the new Windows 10 operating system, which was released earlier this summer. In particular, Windows 10 brought with it the brand new Microsoft Edge web browser. So Read&Write 11.5 is now supported in the Edge browser, and we are proud to be the first assistive technology company to offer support here. This means that Read&Write users can access tools like Text to Speech, Word Prediction, Dictionaries, Highlighters, and more from the Read&Write toolbar when they’re reading and working inside Edge. This is in addition to the support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome that we’ve already been providing – so if you’re a Windows user on the web, we’ve got you covered.

Additionally, Read&Write 11.5 is now supported in Office 365 in Edge. As more and more internet users prefer the convenience of accessing their documents across devices with cloud-based services, loyal Microsoft users are transitioning to Office 365 and the Edge browser.  These new Microsoft offerings continue to grow in schools across North America and the rest of the world. As schools move towards deploying Windows 10 and using Office 365 in the Edge browser, Read&Write for Windows will be there to provide reading and writing supports in this environment.

In addition to support for the new Windows operating system and browser, Read&Write 11.5 has now been optimized to work on devices with high resolution screens such as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet (see image below). Now Read&Write can also better support users with visual impairments – content can be enlarged on your screen without affecting the look of the Read&Write features and toolbar.

Surface Pro Tablet screenshot with Read&Write

This new update to Read&Write for Windows is available as a free, automatic update for all of our customers that are using Version 11.5. You’ll get it right away if you turn on your automatic updates, or you can go to the ‘About’ box from your Read&Write toolbar and click the link to check for new updates there.

Have you tried out Read&Write 11.5 in Windows 10 or the Edge browser? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!