Sharing the love: Teacher appreciation from parents, students & colleagues

As part of our Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations, we asked you to nominate a special teacher in your life by telling us how they go above and beyond for their colleagues & students. We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of appreciation and have shared our winning nominations again below in case you missed them. 

Because teacher appreciation shouldn’t be confined to just one week (and it was hard to pick just five winners), we want to share all your words of thanks so the amazing nominees get the special recognition they deserve. Read the messages of thanks in our slide decks below. If you spot a nomination for someone you know, why not screenshot the slide and share it with them and us on Twitter @Texthelp.

Racing ahead 

Alyson nominated her colleague Liz Hardy from Wheatland Center School, WI because…

“Liz is an inspirational colleague and an amazing teacher. This weekend she brought joy to our Wheatland community by planning her half-marathon race route through the district neighborhoods. The number of people who made signs, decorated the race route, and cheered her on along the way is a huge testament to the relationships and connections Liz puts at the forefront of all she does as a teacher. She always puts kids first, has an amazing heart, and helps in whatever way that she can. Thank you, Liz for all that you do!”

Home learning hero 

Cheryl wanted to thank Jodi Tack at KC Ling Elementary, MI for helping her daughter...

“In a heartbeat Mrs Tack and the entire school district set up virtual learning for our students. Mrs. Tack emails my daughter daily. She also replies to email very quickly. They have multiple google meets with her class for test reviews and assignments.”  

A colleague and a friend

Suzanne had some words of thanks for her colleague Josie Costa from Dwight Belizzi School, CT…

“Josie has been a tremendous friend and supporter when I started teaching at Dwight Belizzi School several years ago. She has helped me with learning the curriculum; old and new and with some challenging students as well. She is a mentor even now as we focus on online learning. Thank you Josie for everything you do!”

More than a teacher 

Cheryl wanted to thank her son’s teacher, Rebecca Ancira at Murchison Elementary School, TX for...

“Being an amazing supporter and encouraging my son this year. Before & during this crisis, she has been there for my son as she is with all of her students. She makes them all feel special while teaching the subjects & life skills. We love Mrs. Ancira!!”

Continuing learning remotely 

Nicole nominated Megan Mitchell from North Bend Elementary School, WA for… 

“Being a creative and tireless advocate for keeping our kids connected, learning, and enthusiastic during these challenging times. She has developed a weekly routine to connect her class online with consistent small groups focused on continued learning and reaching goals. She sends fun activities for the kids to do beyond ‘homework’ and shares creative endeavors that the kids have been working on each week."  

"Last Friday, she had a neighbor donkey participate in the online class meeting - how cool!  She always finds a way to connect with individual kids on their unique level, and identify how to best navigate different personalities and learning styles.”


Thanks to everyone who took part and highlighted the amazing work teachers are doing across the country. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did and if you have some kind words to share, leave them in a comment below & let the appreciation continue.