We’re back, with a focus on transforming tomorrow!

On 25 & 26 October, our virtual Festival of Workplace Inclusion will be back. As the second of its kind, it’s become an annual event exploring inclusion for neurodivergent, disabled, and multilingual employees.

Last year’s event was a huge success with over 3000 attendees. Twenty-six speakers and a host of global brands joined together to share their expert knowledge and personal lived experience.

This year, inclusion experts and neurodivergent talent will join together once again to explore inclusion across the full employee journey. From recruitment and talent management, to career progression in an inclusive culture.

With this year’s theme being ‘Transforming tomorrow’, sessions will uncover new and trending strategies that’ll help us to make bigger strides towards a more inclusive future. For today's working population, and the next generation to come.

Some background information…

Before we share what you can expect at this event, let’s take a look at what inspired our theme…

Last year, we surveyed 500 neurodivergent professionals to discover their experiences of the working world. 75% shared with us that their organization offers support for neurodivergent people (such as those with Autism and Dyslexia). It’s great to see more organizations taking steps towards a more neuro-inclusive world of work!

That being said, of the neurodivergent workers surveyed 64% felt their organization could be doing more to support them. 

Elaborating on their experiences, among those that took part in the study, common challenges shared included:

  • Difficulty in recruitment and interview processes (34%)
  • A lack of career progression (32%)
  • Communication barriers (56%)
  • And, stigma (61%)

As organizations gaze into the future they might ask - how can we make a bigger impact for tomorrow?

This event is designed to help us explore the answer. Join and discover the small steps you can take to transform your workplace for the better. Whether you're just starting your journey towards a more inclusive workplace, or are already on your way.

What to expect…

During the festival you’ll attend Q&A sessions, panel discussions and more. You’ll leave with the knowledge - and free resources - to help you take action in your own organization.

You’ll hear from an excellent lineup of speakers from companies including IBM, EY, PwC, Deloitte, The Valuable 500, CIPD, Disability:IN, Business Disability Forum, MassMutual, Neurodiversity in Business, and more

A special guest appearance

There will also be a special guest appearance from Hamza Yassin - a Wildlife cameraman, presenter and author.

He’ll be kicking off the festival with a keynote session exploring why, for him, being dyslexic is a gift. 

Hamza’s session will bring a welcome start to our two day online event. An event designed to not only enhance knowledge, but to raise awareness that neurodivergence isn't about limitations.

That’s what this event is all about. We want to help create a world where neurodivergence is truly understood, and celebrated. With 1 in 5 people being neurodivergent, it’s time to do more to ensure every person’s personality and potential can confidently shine.

A few words from last year’s attendees...


“Mind literally and figuratively being BLOWN. I canceled a tea break with a friend, because even though I know I can watch the sessions later, I WANT to watch them live. LEARNING so much!...Thank you, Texthelp, [you’ve] truly broadened my world.”


“I’ve learned so much at Texthelp’s Festival of Workplace Inclusion. Great open and honest discussions around neurodiversity and unlocking the potential of the superpowers that the neurodivergent workforce bring!”


"A fantastically insightful day taking part in Texthelp’s Festival of Workplace Inclusion. We've heard from so many different industries and thought leaders discussing neurodiversity awareness and inclusion”

Register today. Transform tomorrow.