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Welcome to the Texthelp family!

Every student in Arkansas now has access to three Texthelp tools - Read&Write, Equatio, and uPar - to help increase student achievement in reading and mathematics.

Join the Texthelp Listening Tour & Data Talks!

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Texthelp Tools: Exclusive Insight Sessions Available Now!

Discover how to leverage these tools to meet your students’ diverse needs, with data-driven strategies and personalized support.

What we will cover in these sessions:

Data Insights: explore key data points from your district’s tool usage, including user engagement and feature popularity.

Strategic Planning: collaborate on action plans for integrating Texthelp tools in your curriculum plan, ensuring every student benefits.

Schedule Your Session

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When: Available from April - July

Who: Meet with Kyle Krause, your dedicated Arkansas Success Rep.

Introducing our digital learning tools

Read&Write is a literacy support software that provides reading, writing and study skills tools for students of all ages and abilities.

Equatio is a math and STEM support software that allows students to easily create and edit mathematical equations and expressions.

uPar identifies whether students benefit from listening and seeing text using text-to-speech (TTS) to comprehend narrative and informational text.

Let's spread the word about these new tools

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Tell staff and parents about these new tools, what they are and how they can help students to achieve more.

Promotional assets

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Texthelp logos, product logos and colors that you can use any time.