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Digital Accessibility Bootcamp

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A free, virtual bootcamp that’ll help you understand how to make your website and digital content more accessible for everyone.

Hear from digital accessibility experts including:

A quick overview

Knowing where to begin with digital accessibility can feel overwhelming. 

Your website and digital content must be able to be used by any one at any time in any situation. With so many different types of people to consider, it can feel impossible to meet the needs of everyone.

Web accessibility guidelines exist to support you, but even they can be hard to understand.

This bootcamp is designed to help you:

  • Understand what digital accessibility really means
  • Navigate best practice guidelines & legislation
  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to create accessible content
  • Develop an action plan to take back to your organization 

Register for free. Fill in the form and access our virtual bootcamp.

What will you do during this virtual boot camp?

During this virtual boot camp, you’ll delve into webinars, resources and tools designed to help you take action in your organization. 

To help you soak up knowledge, we’ve created a 5-day learning plan.

Each day, you’ll:

  • Watch 1 webinar brought to you by industry experts
  • Gain and explore at least 1 takeaway resource
  • Leave with 1 action point to take back to your organization

By registering for this bootcamp, gain access to all our learning materials instantly. Follow our recommended 5-day learning plan, or dip in and out whenever it suits you best.

Together, we can make the digital world more accessible and inclusive for everyone. 

One step at a time.

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