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Find out how Gold Creek School works with pupils to ensure the best possible learning outcomes.

Situated in the Australian Capital Territory Gold Creek School aims to provide an outstanding education for pupils and develop their life skills in a multicultural environment. 

The student engagement team works with pupils to ensure the best possible learning outcomes. This strategy means that everyone has an equal chance to benefit from the same opportunities, regardless of the unique challenges they may face. 


  • Gold Creek School was on the look out for a resource to help their dyslexic learners access curriculum content
  • The school constructed a study to evaluate the impact of Read&Write on their learners
  • The results of the study showed that Read&Write had a great potential to help the students at Gold Creek School

The background

Within Gold Creek School there are over 40 senior school students (years 7 - 10) on individual learning plans and a growing number of students who have been identified as dyslexic. For this group of students effectively accessing the curriculum through reading and writing is almost impossible without support. In order to overcome these literacy difficulties the Learning Resource Centre at Gold Creek School identified Read&Write for Google Chrome and adopted a free trial of the software to provide optimum support for all their students’ learning. 

Read&Write toolbar

In order to determine the impact Read&Write for Google Chrome could have on the students at Gold Creek School, a study was constructed. Following some tutorials, a target group of senior school students who were enrolled in the school’s study line elective were asked to complete a pre and post trial survey. The main goal was to determine how effective students found the software and how it would impact on their learning and assignments.

"Almost 100% of students knew how they would use Read&Write for Google Chrome and the positive impact that it would have on their learning"

Read&Write Success

From the results of both surveys it was apparent that Read&Write for Google Chrome had great potential to enhance students’ learning experience.

Understanding website content

With the use of Read&Write’s dictionary tool, students were able to understand more of the words they were reading. One student said that without it they may have just written down random words without understanding their meaning, but with the Read&Write their comprehension was vastly improved. 

Simplification of websites

A number of students mentioned that before using Read&Write they sometimes found websites difficult to navigate. The use of features that allows them to highlight certain areas of the screen and simplify web pages meant students were less easily distracted and did not become tired as quickly when reading text on-screen. 

Overall outcome

Throughout the study it became apparent that Read&Write for Google Chrome has great potential to enhance the learning experience of students at Gold Creek School. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from students found that the software enhanced their overall learning experiences in the key areas of reading and writing, when studying independently and working in the classroom. 

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