Texthelp Talks Season Four

Welcome to another season of the Texthelp Talks podcast. The podcast that gets you thinking differently about disability inclusion. This season we are chatting all things Math.

Texthelp Talks... Math

Welcome to Season 4 of the Texthelp Talks podcast. This season, we’re focusing on a topic that we're as passionate about as literacy - math teaching and learning.

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  • At Texthelp, we believe everyone deserves to understand and be understood. This includes in the math classroom. Digital math teaching and learning offers unparalleled accessibility for all students and offers educators real time saving solutions.

    In our latest season of Texthelp Talks, we'll be exploring this topic in depth. Starting with a two part discussion with Texthelpers who are passionate about all things math. In part 1, Louis and Paddy chat about the benefits of accessible math, the impact on math education and how we as educators can make our math classrooms more inclusive and accessible to all.

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  • In part 2, Louis and Paddy discuss the benefits for educators of digitizing math and how to harness the power of technology to work where educators work to make teaching math more efficient. Louis and Paddy will also close out with 1 thing to know, 1 thing to think about and 1 thing to do before they wrap up season 4.

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Bonus episode

  • In this episode we are joined by 2 experts in maths education in Australia. The host for the podcast is Allan Dougan, Allan is CEO of the Australian Association of Maths Teachers (AAMT). The AAMT are partnering with Texthelp to further maths education in Australia, so Allan is in a great position to host this session. Allan is joined by Dr. John West, who is an independent mathematics education consultant. He currently works as the WA Project Officer for The University of Adelaide’s Maths in Schools Project, a casual lecturer in mathematics education at The University of Western Australia, and a fly-in/fly-out numeracy consultant to Coober Pedy Area School.

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