AI-infused, collaborative, and oh-so-helpful. A new revamp of OrbitNote is coming, and we want to give you a sneak peek.

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Meet Stuart Marsden, the thoughtful tech whiz who’s leading an incredible product glow up here at Texthelp. 

A glow up is when you take something good and make it so much better. Exceptional functionality, innovative new features, guided by user feedback: join Stuart for a peek into his process of revamping OrbitNote, Read&Write’s PDF Reader. 

He wants to give you, your teams, and your learners plenty of time to prepare, try it out, and to offer feedback (if you’d like) so that we can provide you with a useful, innovative PDF tool for Read&Write.

Stuart is committed to providing you with training, resources and plenty of time to understand and adapt to any changes. To begin this process, you’re invited to a short OrbitNote preview webinar on February 29th at 12pm ET where Stuart will:

  • Discuss a timeline, as well as share a variety of ways you give us feedback to shape OrbitNote
  • Show you some of the new features in the works, such as incredible AI for educators
  • Talk about practical best practices for working with PDFs

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About OrbitNote

  • OrbitNote is included in Read&Write at no extra cost. It is the part of Read&Write that allows you to work with PDFs. 
  • The included PDF reader will be gaining a lot more features and functionality, at no extra cost to you, and we’re excited to show you what’s possible in this webinar.
  • In this webinar, Stuart will talk about several options for communicating your needs and feedback, so you can help shape this product. 
  • We will also talk about premium features that you do have to pay for. 

Learn more about our speaker

Stuart Marsden, OrbitNote's Product Manager

Stuart is a seasoned engineer and scientist who has worked in health, medical devices and assistive technology for 20 years. As Texthelp's OrbitNote Product Manager, he collaborates closely with users and customers to translate needs into innovative solutions. Stuart is committed to delivering the best possible benefits through our learning tools. He believes there's no such thing as perfection in a product but that doesn't stop him from driving towards that goal.