Beyond Inclusion: Wells Fargo's Blueprint for Neurodiversity Success

Join us for a transformative webinar where Wells Fargo unveils the secrets behind their neurodiversity program’s unparalleled success. Discover the strategies resulting in 98% employee retention. Hear valuable insights and best practices from both Texthelp and Wells Fargo on how to to unlock the power of your people and drive business results in your organization.

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Who Should Attend

Ideal for Business Leaders, HR Professionals, DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging) Specialists, Training and Development Leads, Employee Engagement & Staff Performance Managers, ERG Leads, Neurodiversity Champions.

Why Attend

  • Understand neurodiversity and its impact
  • Discover strategies to power your business with neuro-inclusion
  • Hear transformative insights and best practices
  • Learn how inclusive tech can unlock the power of your people and drive business results

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Accessibility Information

  • Automated Captions: We are committed to inclusivity. The webinar will feature automated captions for enhanced accessibility.
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Meet the speakers...

Stephen DeStefani, Wells Fargo

SVP - Diversity, Community & Sustainability

Stephen is the Program Executive for the Wells Fargo Neurodiversity Program. The program has successfully created nearly 300 meaningful employment opportunities for a deeply underserved community through the creation of an accessible, skills-based selection process, and innovative sourcing, selection and onboarding practices.  Stephen has led in the delivery of a standardized neurodiversity education for managers, HR professionals, and mentors throughout the company,  with the goal creating a truly neuroinclusive workplace and strong support structures that foster well-being, enhanced accommodations, equity, and inclusion. 

Stephen is a member of the National Board of Directors for the Autism Society of America, where he co-chairs the Employment Taskforce and he also serves as an advisor to the Mayor’s Office “NYC at Work” jobs initiative. He is also a US Marine Corps combat veteran with service-connected disabilities.

Judy Reilly, MBA, Werth Institute, University of Connecticut

Director, Centre for Neurodiversity & Employment Innovation

Judy joined Werth in 2021 to design and direct a national academic center to address barriers that block bright, professionally capable autistic and neurodivergent individuals from meaningful, successful employment outcomes. The University of Connecticut's Center educates employers in practice change and better connects neurodivergent college students and alumni with opportunities. 

Judy is trained in special education law and spent two decades lobbying at the state and federal level, and securing services, supports, interventions, and strengths-based approaches to enable neurodivergent children and adults to thrive. She earned her MBA from University of Michigan in 1995 and is the parent of four adult children, two of whom live with neurodivergent conditions that have significantly impacted their educational and employment journeys.

Martin McKay, Texthelp

CEO & Founder

Martin founded Texthelp in 1996, initially to help people with communication difficulties. He has since spent his work life creating software that helps people read, write, express their thoughts and share information more accurately & fluently – across all stages of life.  As a world leader in inclusive technology, Texthelp has positively impacted the lives of over 200 million people worldwide. Martin’s goal is to make sure that by 2030 Texthelp will have advanced the literacy and understanding of one billion people. 

In the past, Martin has served on the Assistive Technology Industry Association Board as well as the NIMAS board for the USA Office of Special Education Programs. In 2017, he received the Presidential Award in recognition of lifetime contribution to dyslexia and literacy from the International Dyslexia Association. 

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Compelling Insights

  • Neurodiverse teams are 30% more productive.
  • Businesses with an inclusive culture are 6x more likely to be innovative and agile.
  • Shockingly, 51% of neurodivergent workers want to quit their job because they don’t feel valued or supported. 
  • The average cost of employee turnover is 3 or 4 times the position’s salary.