Digital Math: The future of inclusion and how we can get there

Join Brenny Kummer, Assistant Director of Educational Technology at Bartholomew Consolidated Schools, to explore how EdTech tools have removed barriers to STEM learning.

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With the daily use of literacy tools like Read&Write ingrained in their instruction since 2005, Brenny and her colleagues noticed a learning and accessibility gap between their learners in literacy subjects vs numeracy based subjects. 

Passionate about inclusion, they sought out a solution. And, the answer? Equatio. A powerful tool that’s helping them meet their district-wide digital math adoption goals. Everyone deserves to understand and be understood, with support available in ALL subject areas, including STEM.

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Brenny will cover how Equatio...

  • Can be a universal tool to remove barriers for all learners
  • Supports the UDL guidelines, specifically in representation and action and expression

About the Presenter

Brenny Kummer, Assistant Director of Educational Technology for Bartholomew Consolidated Schools Corporation

Brenny Kummer is the Assistant Director of Educational Technology for Bartholomew Consolidated Schools in Columbus, Indiana. A former middle and high school social studies teacher, Brenny graduated from the University of Arkansas’ Educational Technology Master’s program and is the 2022 ‘University of Arkansas Educational Tech student of the year’. 

In her role, she serves as the sole tech coach for her district, trains staff on how to use UDL (Universal Design for Learning) to guide technology integration, supports assistive technologies across the district, and coordinates eLearning. She is a Google domain administrator, Google certified trainer, and LMS system administrator. Brenny is passionate about UDL with experience teaching in a full inclusion setting. She seeks to dismantle learning barriers through technology and provide accessible, inclusive learning environments for all learners. 

Brenny is also an experienced speaker at various levels, having presented at: Indiana PATINS Access to Education conference, Indiana HECC conference, Indiana Connected Educators Conference, ISTE, IMS Global, UDL-IRN international summit, UDL-IRN Great Lakes, UDL-CAST events, as well as being a COSN diversity and inclusion panelist.

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