Students with Dysgraphia: Common signs, tailored support, and more

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In this session, Dr. King will discuss the current understanding of dysgraphia and strategies to support student success.

Topics will include:

  • Different definitions of dysgraphia and specific learning disability of written expression
  • Common signs of dysgraphia and what to look for in your students
  • Subtypes of dysgraphia and tailoring accommodations and interventions to individual student needs
  • Practical examples of accommodations and written expression goals that can be incorporated into a 504 or IEP plan

Meet our speaker

Jennifer C. King, PhD

Jennifer C. King, PhD is increasing awareness and catalyzing research for people impacted by dysgraphia. She is President and Founder of Dysgraphia Life as well as an expert speaker, research scientist, family member to people with learning disabilities in written expression, and vocal advocate. She founded Dysgraphia Life to raise awareness of dysgraphia while providing information, support, and resources to people with writing difficulties and their loved ones. Dr. King has co-authored a book on Dysgraphia IEPs along with over twenty scientific publications. She received a PhD in Biology from MIT and a BS from Duke and uses her scientific background to launch initiatives to build research capacity in the dysgraphia community. Dr. King spent two decades in oncology research and advocacy where she became a sought- after expert appearing in major media outlets, presenting globally, and advising influential organizations. She is now using those skills to improve the lives of people with writing difficulties.