Introduction to inclusive recruitment & onboarding

Employees who experience great onboarding are 69% more likely to remain in the company after 3 years. In a series of 3 on demand sessions, learn how to make your recruitment and onboarding process more inclusive of neurodivergent and disabled talent. Even small changes can help your new hires to feel more valued, supported, and welcomed both in the short and long term.

An on demand series to understanding inclusive recruitment

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What's the webinar series about?

As an employer, being welcoming and inclusive of everyone matters - at every stage of an employee’s journey. That means we need to recognise and value diversity, right from the start.

Inclusive recruitment helps us to recruit in way that recognises, understands and values differences in every part of the process. From connecting with candidates, to interviewing, hiring and onboarding. With inclusive recruitment, we can attract neurodivergent and disabled talent. These individuals often bring original thinking, creativity, tenacity and more to the workplace.

In this series, explore how to create a recruiting and onboarding process that's accessible and inclusive to all people, flexible to different needs, and free from bias.

You'll receive 3 sessions including:

  • Session 1: 5 key tips you need to know about inclusive recruitment
  • Session 2: How to create an inclusive Early Careers recruitment strategy
  • Session 3: Transforming the first 90 days of the employee experience

You'll also receive our downloadable guide to inclusive recruitment.

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Session details & speaker information

Session 1: 5 key tips you need to know about inclusive recruitment

In this session, gain 5 key tips to creating an inclusive recruitment process. You'll hear from Maria Hamilton, Engagement Manager at Auticon UK. Auticon is a global IT consultancy and neuroinclusion services training provider that exclusively employs autistic adults as IT consultants, and supports them to work in client's technology projects.

Maria is responsible for leading the engagement of Auticon UK’s training programme. Within her role, she ensures that clients can work confidently with neurodivergent colleagues and recruit new neurodivergent talent. With personal connections to autism, Maria has gained applied autism and coaching accreditations and passionately advocates for increasing neurodivergent talent within the workplace.

Session 2: How to create an inclusive Early Careers recruitment strategy

According to research, half of UK businesses are reluctant to employ those who are neurodivergent. For many students and graduates, the world of work can feel unwelcoming. In this session, explore how to create an attraction, assessment and selection process that supports diverse candidates to be at their best. You'll hear from Ellie Long, Global Inclusive Hiring & Campaign Lead at Rolls Royce, sponsors of the ‘Undergraduate of the Year Award Celebrating Neurodiverse Talent’.

Ellie own the delivery of Rolls Royce's inclusive hiring initiatives, TA campaigns and early careers hiring. She is a dynamic leader with experience in redesigning and delivering high impact change. Her purpose is to create opportunities for people regardless of their education, upbringing, or social standing acting as a role model for young female leaders.

Session 3: Transforming the first 90 days of the employee experience

76% of people with a disability or neurodiverse condition do not fully disclose this at work. An inclusive onboarding process makes sure employees feel included and supported in their new workplace, right from day 1. In this session, our panel share key tips that'll help you consider the accessibility of your onboarding materials, and empower employees to drive their own success.

Hear from:

  • Calum McBurney, Talent Acquisition Lead at Texthelp. Calum has 8 years' experience in Recruitment and Talent Acquisition. At Texthelp, Calum manages the day to day recruitment function. Currently, he is focused on improving the hiring process to make sure it's as inclusive as possible.
  • Jamie Shields, Global Disability ERG Lead, AMS. Jamie is visually impaired registered blind. For years he struggled to gain and retain employment. This was due to a lack of understanding, support and employers not understanding what an adjustment was. Today, Jamie is the Global Disability ERG lead at AMS. He supports their talent acquisition team to break the barriers that he once faced.
  • Carla Henison, Diversity & Inclusion Business Partner, Hymans Robertson. Carla has been at Hymans for nearly 15 years. With personal experience of ADHD, Carla founded and now leads their Neurodiversity Network Group. She is also completing an ADHD coaching qualification in her spare time.