Supporting ELLs—How to Make a Difference with the Right Tools and Strategies

What you need to know about supporting ELL students with technology

English Language Learners are facing increased challenges in today’s learning environments. Language barriers, cultural barriers, students with interrupted formal education… it’s difficult to know just how to include English Language Learners.

How can you best support ELLs so they can better comprehend content, and effectively communicate in writing?

Help your struggling language learners succeed

Sign up to join Texthelp Product Manager, Kathleen Colburn for a live webinar exploring features of Read&Write and Co:Writer that can help your ELL students succeed.

In this webinar

Our Product Manager, Kathleen Colburn, will walk you through how you can implement simple technology tools to help support your ELLs, making them feel connected and as if they belong in every classroom.

Kathleen will cover features in both Read+Write as well as Co:Writer that will help students gain independence by helping them succeed in:

  • Reading and comprehension
  • Spelling and grammar
  • Vocabulary and translation

We’ll also share with you our guide to teaching language learners in Tier I.

This guide offers simple strategies and resources to help educators, administrators, and MTSS teams create learning environments where ELLs:

  • Feel a greater sense of safety, belonging, and connection.
  • Can gain cultural context and understanding from instruction.
  • Are able to add richness and value to their communities.
  • Have tools that help them understand the general curriculum, build vocabulary, and boost language acquisition, independently.

Meet the Speaker

Kathleen Colburn

Kathleen is a Principal Product Manager at Texthelp. She oversees Read&Write across the global education market, as well as Don Johnston's Co:Writer and Snap&Read in North America. In her decade-long career with Texthelp, she has served in roles ranging from technical support for end users, to her current role working directly with the software development teams to define and shape the product roadmap. She is committed to Texthelp's mission to help individuals understand and be understood, and sees the pivotal role that Texthelp's products play in making that happen.

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