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Our software solutions support inclusion and accessibility for all. Empower your employees with tools to support their diverse needs. Build trust, remove barriers and maximize engagement with your organization.

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Supports people who think, learn and work differently. Helps neurodiverse workforces to thrive.

Breaks down communication barriers. Improve the accessibility, readability and reach of your online content.


Our tools are beneficial for all but they are also necessary for some, and that’s why our product suite is built with accessibility in mind.

Cross-Product Accessibility Features

  • ReadWrite Text to Speech Icon
    Text to Speech
  • Read&Write Talk&Type Icon
    Speech Input
  • Read&Write Word Prediction Icon
  • Dictionary and Picture Dictionary icon
    Dictionary / Picture Dictionary
  • ReachDeck Toolbar Translation Icon

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1 in 7 people are neurodivergent. Sometimes, neurodivergent employees require additional support. Discover how best to support

Web Accessibility

Barriers to digital content still exist. Making your content available and accessible to all is important. Discover how you can champion digital inclusion.

Remote Working Support

Some employees may experience challenges with remote working. Explore what you can do to help all employees adjust to this way of working.

ADA Compliance

If you’re working towards ADA compliance, web accessibility software can help. Explore more about ADA and how we can support compliance.

Accessible Canada

1 in 5 Canadians has a disability. Creating accessible experiences matters. Discover how we can support you, your employees and your customers.


Content that someone can access is not necessarily accessible. It must be readable and understandable too. Explore factors which affect readability.

Assistive technology in the workplace supports 38,000 staff at Network Rail

Working digitally is a fact of life for employees at Network Rail. But, complex digital documents can create barriers to workplace communication. Empowering employees to self-serve their needs, Read&Write was introduced as a universal tool for all. Today, it's helping all employees at Network Rail to work more more accurately and efficiently.

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"Read&Write is just great! It’s superior to everything else I’ve used. It can do everything that the others can do. It’s by far the most robust of all the dyslexia products out there that I’ve tried."

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