Customer success: whg’s digital journey...


Digital - a key player in their corporate plan, ensures that all customers can utilise digital tools and information that will benefit both the housing association and the tenants themselves. Find out more about their story and key recommendations...

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CIH Housing Conference 2018: whg’s digital journey...


We recently attended CIH’s Housing 2018 conference in Manchester in which we co-hosted a session with whg’s Corporate Director of Operations, Fay Shanahan. If you missed it, we’ve put together our key takeaways which looks at whg’s digital journey so far. 

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Customer first. Customer stories.


Ongoing welfare reforms are driving more public services online. But that means that people with everyday literacy difficulties - and those who lack digital skills - can often get left behind. 

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Takeaways from Housing 2017


In June, I attended the Housing 2017 conference in Manchester, England. There were great sessions on a range of interesting and important housing topics, all of which I wish I could share with you. But, there was one key takeaway that really stood out, and this was - Customer First! 

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