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Make maths digital

EquatIO allows you to create equations, formulas, and more, digitally. Helping to make maths and STEM classes more accessible and engaging for every learner.

Use EquatIO to

Provide choice for your students

EquatIO gives your students the opportunity to show their mastery in maths, in a way that best suits them. They can speak, draw or type problems and equations directly onto their device.

Make maths accessible

EquatIO helps to bring maths out of the pen and paper era. By moving to digital maths instruction, EquatIO makes maths more accessible. Students with learning difficulties or visual impairments can hear their maths read aloud to them.

Help visualise maths problems

Students and educators can create and customise graphs with EquatIO. Powered by Desmos graphing calculator, EquatIO helps students to visualise and explore a written equation.

EquatIO is free for teachers!

We offer our digital maths tool free for primary and secondary school teachers.

This means you can get a premium subscription of EquatIO for free!

Features - at a glance

  • EquatIO Equation Editor icon

    Equation editor: Create your maths and science expressions by typing right into the editor. Use Prediction to insert fractions, exponents, operators, formulas, chemical symbols, and more.

  • EquatIO Graph Editor icon

    Graph Editor: Create and customise single or multiple graphs, plot ordered pairs or tables of points and more, with this tool powered by Desmos graphing calculator.

  • EquatIO Handwriting Recognition icon

    Handwriting recognition: Handwrite maths expressions using a touchscreen device or mouse pointer.

    • EquatIO Speech Input icon

      Speech input: Dictate equations and formulas aloud. EquatIO understands what you’re saying, turning your spoken input to written expressions.

    • EquatIO Screenshot Reader icon

      Screenshot reader: Turn any equation across the web into accessible, editable maths with the EquatIO Screenshot Reader.

    What educators say about us

    It is far easier to create interesting and engaging maths resources using EquatIO. This helps students to be more involved and helps them respond to maths using various tools.

    A helping hand where it's needed

    EquatIO works across lots of different platforms including Google, Windows, and Mac. It also integrates seamlessly with many popular learning management systems. This means that your students can work with EquatIO in familiar environments.

    How can EquatIO help you?

    Making maths digital

    EquatIO has the power to make maths digital and inclusive for all your students. With the ability to handwrite, type or dictate maths problems directly into a device, maths no longer needs to be a pen and paper lesson.

    Adding maths to Microsoft Word

    EquatIO integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word. This allows you to add formulas and expressions into documents with a click.

    Create maths resources for teachers and students

    Turn problem solving into problem sharing! EquatIO® mathspace is a collaborative workspace that enables you and your students to make maths together. It helps you to bring mathematics to life for the whole class.

    What's new in EquatIO?

    A few of the latest updates now live in EquatIO. You can a full history of updates here.

    July 2021

    • Compatibility with OrbitNote. Create and input math within PDFs.
    • Editing math in Google Docs Canvas based rendering.

    June 2021

    • EquatIO for Google: Canvas rendering fix and Italian localisation now available.
    • EquatIO Mathspace: Euros and Norwegian coins now available, duplicate a Mathspace and export PDF for multi-page Mathspaces.
    • EquatIO for Desktop: Italian localisation now available and fixed 'Copy as HTML' function.

    How much does EquatIO cost?

    Free 30-day trial

    Free access to all EquatIO features for 30 days - ideal for teachers or parents who want to try EquatIO.

    No Credit Card Required

    Free 90-day pilot

    Experience a full roll-out of EquatIO for a large group of users. Includes access to all premium features and implementation materials.

    Check out pricing

    Our pricing page provides guide prices for EquatIO - contact our Sales team to get specific pricing based on the number of users who need a license.

    Do you need to purchase a single license for personal use?

    If you’re a teacher, parent or individual who wishes to purchase their own EquatIO license, please use our store.

    You can purchase up to 10 single licenses using your credit or debit card.

    Recently three of our products - EquatIO, WriQ and Fluency Tutor were awarded the Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence for Remote Learning. These awards recognize the work of technology providers, whose solutions were key to delivering continuous learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.


    • EquatIO works inside your most common Google applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and now even Jamboard.

    • Yes, we have a direct LTI with some of the largest LMS providers such as Canvas, Schoology, and Brightspace. You may also use our web toolbar to insert maths into other LMS system that do not have a plug-in.

    • No, EquatIO can work across many subject areas. We have hundreds of Chemistry compounds and Physics formulas build right into our equation editor.

    • EquatIO has a premium subscription available for users and a free version able to users. With our premium subscription you will have access to a wealth of prediction, including formulas, matrices, and the ability to favorite items. You also will have access to alignment buttons, dynamic graphing, the Copy Math As button, Mathspace (WebApp) for remote learning, and other premium features included within the product.

    • Most definitely. EquatIO has a standalone webapp which allows for teachers to instructionally design unique and engaging learning opportunities for students. Students can then respond to those assignments

    • Yes, we have a case study that you can read up on here. This will provide you with one teacher's journey with EquatIO.