8 ways to support employees with dyslexia


It has never been more important for companies to strengthen their commitment to inclusion.
While many companies are making an effort to hire employees from all races, backgrounds, and walks of life, it is equally as important to hire neurodiverse talent as well. For those who are unfamiliar, neurodiversity is a concept where disabilities such as dyslexia are viewed simply as any other human variation as opposed to a deficiency. 

With that said, some individuals with a neurodiverse condition may require additional tools and support. It’s important that you’re equipped to overcome any barriers they may experience.  This is why we have interviewed seven business leaders and asked them what is one way that employers can better support employees with dyslexia. Keep reading to learn easy ways you can help your company to be more inclusive and welcoming to those with neurodifferences!


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Podcast: Creating a ‘great place to work’ for everyone


In this Texthelp Talks podcast, we chat with Toby Hopkins, Colleague Engagement and Inclusion Executive at Sainsburys. As a Disability Confident Leader, and an Investors in People Gold standard employer for the fourth year running, Toby will be sharing how Sainsbury’s has created, and continues to build, a great place to work for everyone. You'll gain insights to help you champion diversity and create a supportive working culture for all.

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Podcast: Trends for the 2021 workspace


In this episode of Texthelp Talks we hear from our CEO and Founder, Martin McKay. Martin sits down with us to explore what the biggest trends are for the 2021 workspace. He also takes a look back at our key learnings from 2020, reflecting on what has been a year like no other.

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Web accessibility software is helping businesses to tap into the £17.1bn click away pound


We’re expected to do more digitally now than ever before and with that, there’s a risk of leaving a large proportion of the population behind. That’s because barriers on the web still exist. For many businesses, their digital presence is unwelcoming to the 7 million internet users in the UK with digital access needs - an audience worth £24.8 billion, to be exact.

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9 things employers should know about learning differences


In order to be a true champion of diversity and inclusion, employers must hire individuals from all races and backgrounds - this includes employees with learning differences and neurodiverse conditions. In some cases, employers are hesitant to welcome neurodiverse individuals not because they do not value their talent, but because they are not knowledgeable about the neurodiverse condition or recommended accommodations.

In order to help educate, we’ve sat down with nine business leaders and asked them what employers should know about job accommodations for employees with learning differences. Keep reading to hear their insights and learn how you can make your workplace a more inclusive and welcoming environment!

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