7 examples of assistive technology in healthcare


As we strive to make our communities more inclusive, healthcare professionals have made huge innovative leaps in the space of assistive technology. Assistive technology refers to any products or pieces of equipment that enhance learning, working or any day-to-day activities for those living with a disability.

To learn more about the various types of devices on the market, we interviewed seven business professionals who work within this vertical. They shared examples of different types of assistive technology and how they better the lives of the individuals who use them on a daily basis. Keep reading to learn more about them!

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This (inaccessible) digital world


So, you’re eight months into lockdown already, and you’ve gotten into a bit of a routine. 

At first, when your organisation sent everyone to work from home, things were really rough. It’s been hard for you to get information about the covid-19 pandemic. It seems that every site you visit, including that for a global leader in health policy, is designed to prevent you from getting clarity: you can’t seem to land on relevant information, and just navigating the site seems like a journey full of blind alleys and dead-ends.

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"Technology & digital inclusion is the reason I can live life as productively as I do"


As a totally blind person, technology and digital inclusion is the reason I can live life as productively as I do.

For the first 16 years of my life, I leant heavily on specialist technology that enabled me to maximise the poor vision I had until that point. Extreme magnification software helped me read large text for short periods of time. My sight was never good enough to take full advantage of the internet age from the mid 90s. In fact, it wasn’t until I lost all of my sight in 1999 that digital doors were opened properly to me. I had already been introduced to screen reading technology but for the first time, I had specialist training in navigating what was a very sparse world wide web.

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The role of technology in an evolving workspace


In this Q&A session, we hear from Stuart Blair, Workplace Product Manager at Texthelp, on the role technology plays in today’s evolving workplace, particularly for those with neurodiverse conditions. He'll also be exploring this topic further in our upcoming webinar.

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