Work smarter, Not harder: 5 things you can do (right now) to boost productivity at work


If there is one word that describes today’s work environment - it’s BUSY. Think about your own office...and picture your colleagues running from one meeting to another, unable to focus fully on their tasks because they are being distracted by other people and other things, buried under a sea of emails and because of all that - working overtime just to meet their deadlines.

In situations like this, it’s not even remotely possible to be creative, nevermind productive.  It’s a bonus just to make it through the day.  But what about all those tasks that need completed?  That’s right, they slip and don’t get done when they need to.

Here’s just some tips to help you win back the working day:

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CIH Housing Conference 2018: whg’s digital journey...


We recently attended CIH’s Housing 2018 conference in Manchester in which we co-hosted a session with whg’s Corporate Director of Operations, Fay Shanahan. If you missed it, we’ve put together our key takeaways which looks at whg’s digital journey so far. 

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Keeping grammar and spelling polished in the workplace


When you’re under pressure, the risk of making mistakes rises quickly.  The cost of those errors can be relatively trivial – like mixing up meeting dates, or unintentionally causing offence to colleagues with a hastily-worded email that gets misread.

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Unlocking productivity: how can tech help?


Like many other organisations, here at Texthelp we’re often asking ourselves some big questions. How can we genuinely improve productivity on a sustainable basis? And how can we give our employees the scaffolds and support they need to be more efficient and engaged?

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