Forms Creator

Revolutionising Maths Assessments in Google Forms

What is the Forms Creator?

The new Forms Creator tool in Equatio works with Google Forms to help educators create maths assessments quickly. Powered by AI, the Forms Creator is designed to streamline the process of creating maths assessments in Google Forms. This cutting-edge tool is a game-changer for educators; saving time and catering to the diverse abilities of all students.

Effortless efficiency

Equatio's Forms Creator tool takes the complexity out of creating maths assessments. No more hours spent typing out equations and formatting mathematical notation. With this tool, you can effortlessly generate maths questions to get an understanding of your students’ knowledge. You can use it for homeworks, exit tickets, and assessments, all in Google Forms. Whether it's basic arithmetic or further and additional maths, the Forms Creator tool allows you to build assessments in a fraction of the time.

Create maths assessments for all abilities

Every student learns differently, and Equatio's Forms Creator Tool ensures that your maths assessments reflect this. Forms Creator simplifies the process of creating assessments. Using the tool, educators can create a wide range of questions that cater to all abilities. From fundamental concepts to advanced problem-solving, the Forms Creator tool allows you to create assessments at the click of a button. This inclusivity promotes a more equitable learning environment where every student can shine.

How does the Forms Creator work in Equatio?

Forms Creator seamlessly integrates with Google Forms, simplifying your assessment creation process. Access the feature from the Equatio toolbar and specify the topic area, grade level, and number of questions you need.

Whether it's algebraic equations, geometry problems, or statistical analyses, the Forms Creator tool uses AI to instantly generate accurate and relevant questions.

Watch this short video to see the Forms Creator in action.

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