Intuitive formula prediction

EquatIO is maths equation software that makes constructing and solving formulas easy, because maths & STEM subjects are more than just memorising equations. Our formula prediction function helps students easily access stored formulas by predicting what they are typing, allowing them to concentrate on solving problems, instead of extending them.

EquatIO's innovative formula prediction gives students greater independence and confidence to engage and flourish in maths & STEM classrooms.

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Show work, solve problems

With the maths equation maker, students can handwrite annotations or sketch freehand to show the thought process when writing or editing equations, or even share feedback. EquatIO allows students to progress problems, line by line, and develop their solutions. It's like working on a super-smart whiteboard.

Work smarter, together

The online equation editor allows for greater collaboration and brainstorming. While preparing for an assessment or reviewing content, students can add in their own equations into a shared Google Doc and add to/edit each other's equations once inserted.

Think out loud

For some students, simply writing an equation out isn't enough, and even the most instinctive of online equation editors can go over their heads. But EquatIO is different. Working in tandem with Read&Write, EquatIO lets students have their maths equations read outloud. All equations created with EquatIO work with Read&Write, empowering students to engage with maths & STEM subjects in an accessible way. 

Write, edit, balance

With EquatIO, students can write, edit, and balance equations digitally, allowing for easy changes to their work without crossing text out or squeezing numbers to fit into the right place. Great for teachers too, written equations and formulas can be extracted, edited online on-screen, and placed back into documents as solutions, all at the touch of a button.

Free for teachers, forever

As modern classrooms diversify and technology makes learning more immediate and accessible, teachers need to have the right tools to support every learner. That's why we made EquatIO absolutely FREE for teachers, and why we're always finding ways to make improvements‚Äč.