Use the power of Equatio to transform maths lessons

Cut time from maths lesson prep

Preparing lessons, crafting assessments, and designing practice sets in the digital age is a time-consuming task. Especially when you have to input difficult maths notation.

You're not alone if you find yourself caught between traditional pen-and-paper methods and the potential of digital resources.

While pen and paper are familiar tools, they don't offer insights into student progress like digital platforms can. But the transition to digital can still feel daunting.

Teachers need a solution that blends the benefits of both worlds – the ease of traditional methods with the efficiency and student engagement of digital technology.

Imagine if you could spend less time on lesson preparation and more on what you love – teaching.

Currently, a staggering 50% teacher time might be spent on non-teaching activities, contributing to the 90% of educators experiencing burnout.

Equatio - our innovative maths software - is here to transform your teaching experience. With our advanced equation editor, you can streamline lesson preparation, engage students in new ways, and find a balance that keeps your workload manageable and your teaching effective.

Let's dive into how Equatio can redefine your maths classroom.

Helping teachers and students, one equation at a time.

Teachers use Equatio to save time and lessen the hassles and frustrations surrounding complex maths notation.  Equatio offers powerful features to create assessments and enable intuitive teacher-student collaboration. For students, Equatio makes maths easier to understand and communicate by offering easier maths input, multiple representations, math-to-speech, and speech-to-math.

Save teachers’ time before, during and after class

Teachers can save time preparing lessons using built-in formula prediction, then create assessments, exit tickets and check student progress and understanding. Use the screenshot reader to copy and paste maths from anywhere online, and turn paper worksheets into digital, accessible worksheets with Equatio Mobile. And, you can now use Equatio to unleash the power of AI by instantly creating grade-appropriate maths tests.

Give students access to the tools they will see on state assessments 

Help students become familiar with the tools they will see on many state assessments provided by Cambium, Pearson, and many others. In addition to identical accessibility supports, the graph editor and scientific calculator that support most state assessments can be found right inside Equatio, thanks to our partnership with Desmos.

Transition to digital maths, while enabling virtual pen and paper instruction

Talk, type, touch, or draw maths directly on devices. Equatio instantly turns maths into digital, accessible maths for use across platforms like NearPod, Canvas, or Schoology. Engage students with digital manipulatives to foster different methods of problem-solving, all from their Chromebooks, iPads, or Windows devices.  Equatio also allows teachers who prefer to teach maths with pen and paper to easily transfer to touch and stylus input.

Let students show their work

Equatio offers multi-line functionality, allowing students to show their work neatly and completely, without skipping steps, while embedded formula prediction helps make lesson preparation and homework more efficient.

Equatio templates - Maths lesson templates for Teachers, by Teachers

Access a huge range of pre-made lesson templates, homework activities and exit tickets curated from Equatio users all across the globe to help reduce the amount of time you spend planning and prepping.

Digital maths, everywhere

Equatio works everywhere teachers and students work: Google, Microsoft, Canvas, Schoology, BrightSpace D2L, Infinite Campus, and on the web.  It’s a persistent and consistent tool for your school’s digital maths transformation.

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What our customers say

 Teaching is still teaching. By switching to more digital methods and tools you’re only changing how you arrange content to make better use of the technology available. In fact, a lot of the time technology helps make me a better teacher. For example, I love using graphical solutions alongside algebraic ones. And the partnership between Desmos and Equatio really helps me and my students work on this together.