The reading assessment tool

Track and assess oral reading progress, in school and online.

Use Fluency Tutor to

Provide support tools for struggling readers

Features including text-to-speech, dictionary and translation tools, help struggling readers. By giving them access to support tools that help build their understanding and confidence.

Support distance learning for reading

Teachers can share reading passages with their class and receive recordings of the assigned passages back. Helping to keep students reading, whether they’re in class or at home and avoid any learning loss.

Give teachers time to focus on students

With a library of over 500 reading comprehension passages, teachers no longer need to search for their own reading materials. Giving them time back to focus on helping students build their reading skills.

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Features -at a glance

  • Library: Library of over 500 leveled reading passages, based on content or reading age.

  • Share: Share passages with individual students, or with the entire class using Google Drive or Google Classroom 'share' function.

  • Additional help: Provides extra help for students with text-to-speech, dictionary, picture dictionary and translation tools.

  • Dashboard: Friendly dashboard interface for teachers & students.

    • Create: Create reading passages from existing curriculum materials or online sources.

    • Record: Students can record their own assigned reading passages whenever and wherever it suits them and share back with their teacher.

    • Scoring: Quick Score tool for teachers to assess accuracy or more in-depth assessment of reading progress.

    What educators say about us

    Fluency Tutor plays a key role in progress monitoring at West Warwick as teachers are able to quickly identify struggling readers and put interventions in place to help the student achieve their next step in learning without falling further behind.

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    Recently three of our products - Equatio, WriQ and Fluency Tutor were awarded the Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence for Remote Learning. These awards recognize the work of technology providers, whose solutions were key to delivering continuous learning during the Covid-19 pandemic.


    • Fluency Tutor integrates with Google, making it easy for teachers to easily share passages with their entire class through Google Classroom or Google Drive. For them to access in Chrome, Mac, PC or Chromebook.

    • Yes, Fluency Tutor allows you to create reading passages from existing curriculum materials or online sources. So along with the 500+ inbuilt passages, you and your students will never run out of reading inspiration.

    • Once you start scoring passages, you can check the progress of each of your students by viewing a list of their activities, listen to their recordings, give feedback and view data that shows their Words Correct Per Minute and Fluency Scores over time.

    • There are nearly 500 passages available for you to choose from.

    • Your students will be able to record for up to 5 minutes.

    • Recordings need to be at least 1 minute long to give an accurate Word per Minute score.

    • Your subscription means everyone can enjoy the benefits of Fluency Tutor.

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