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Accessibility and testing supports

Help every student reach their full potential by ensuring that learning is accessible to all.

Make learning accessible to all

Every learner has different needs and it’s important to ensure they have access to the support and tools they need.

Read&Write is particularly useful for supporting students with additional accessibility needs. With three specific tools (Screen Mask, Simplify and Talk&Type) alongside the reading and writing tools, helping to create a level playing field for all.

  • Easily meet the needs of a diverse range of learners
  • Ensure every student has the tools needed to succeed
  • Make class content accessible and engaging
  • Improve reading and writing achievement for all students

Use Read&Write to...

Provide reading and writing support for all

The Screen Mask and the Simplify features help students to focus when completing reading and writing tasks.

This is particularly useful as a line reader app for dyslexia, when students struggle when presented with a full screen of text. Using these features helps students focus on the area of the screen they are working on. This can help reduce the time it takes for students to complete tasks or assessments by taking away other distractions.

Meet the diverse needs of learners

The Talk&Type feature provides a speech to text option for students with additional learning needs. Providing them with choice in how they approach tasks that best suits their needs. Meaning they can complete tasks independently and continue to progress in their learning.

What our customers say

Staff are beginning to use Read&Write as a support method in lessons, making accessibility more robust for all learners, not just those with a known SEN/D

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