What is WriQ?

WriQ is a writing achievement tool used to easily assess and motivate student writing while providing automated meaningful feedback and delivering a standardised benchmark for marking.

Who does WriQ help?

WriQ keeps students motivated, engaged and achieving in writing

WriQ puts students in charge of their own learning. By giving each student access to their own personalised mini dashboard, the WriQmeter, they can instantly track how long they can write for, before taking a pause or stopping (a writing burst). The positive nudge notifications spur students on to do a little better each day, only ever in competition with themselves.

  • At a glance, each student can visualise their writing progress in real-time
  • Gives students instant access to positive, immediate feedback on their own writing, without relying on teacher intervention - speeding up the feedback loop
  • Allows students to get a picture of their most frequently used language and how they’re writing for  specific subject areas
  • Students can track their own writing progress daily, weekly, or monthly and work towards goals and achievement badges, adding a fun element to the writing process

WriQ gives educators more time to focus on promoting, differentiating and improving achievement in writing

WriQ helps educators easily assess and track student writing whilst providing feedback and motivation directly to students - helping to increase and improve their writing skills.

  • Frees up time and reduces educator workload by removing subjectivity and manual time spent marking papers
  • Measures productivity (how much students write), accuracy (how many errors they make), pace (the speed at which they write), and maturity (the maturity of their vocabulary).
  • Monitors progress over time and displays a single WriQ score to give educators a more accurate picture of student progress, at student and class level
  • Allows educators to give meaningful, personalised feedback, with greater clarity to improve student confidence and achievement

WriQ allows School Leaders to use writing achievement data to report on progress and support instructional decision making - across the whole curriculum

WriQ gives school leaders an accurate view, over time of how each class and even school is progressing in writing attainment. This data can then be used to inform where best to allocate resources, develop strategies and introduce specific interventions.

  • See an overview of school or district progress. This will include the amount of words written, average WriQ score, accuracy and more
  • Provides a standardised benchmark for fair marking and delivers comparable insights on writing level within by school, grade, or classroom level to help identify areas that could require additional support.
  • Grants schools the ability to add customised mark schemes to suit school or district needs for targeted analysis
  • By allowing students to track their own writing progress and replacing the time-consuming task for teachers of assessing written passages manually teachers in your district / school will have more time for instructional lessons, lessening the need for additional district resources.
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The WriQ Score

WriQ the metric

In addition to WriQ the tool, the WriQ score is also a recognised writing standard.

WriQ is the writing achievement standard. Establishing common expectations in writing achievement at a state/country level by the end of a designated grade level/year group.

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