Home for good: how can housing providers boost long-term staff retention?

Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges facing housing organisations today. As well as ensuring that tenants aren’t left behind in the digital age, providers must make the workplace a welcoming environment for housing staff.

The words 'boost long-term staff retention' with a texthelp character holding a megaphone

Staff recruitment and retention is a well-recognised issue in the social housing sector. Historically, providers have been unable to match pay levels expected in many parts of the private sector. As such, housing associations and trusts rely heavily on the passion and commitment of staff to deliver a job that’s often complex and demanding.

So what practical steps can organisations take to boost their lasting appeal to current and potential employees? A great place to start is making sure that work is a happy, inclusive place where everyone feels valued.

As technology permeates every aspect of our lives, housing providers have a duty of care to recognise the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce. Individuals with some form of disability – including dyslexia and visual impairments – represent up to 19% of working age adults in the UK. And for anyone who’s struggling with everyday tasks like writing emails and reports or researching information online, it’s easy to feel intimidated, excluded or turned off by technology. 

UK housing providers are already taking steps to make their websites more accessible to tenants with literacy issues or disabilities that make interacting with digital content tricky. So shouldn’t organisations be giving employees the same supports to ensure that everyone’s engaged and efficient, whatever their workstyle?

Technology can create a more welcoming, inclusive workplace for employees of housing associations and trusts, supporting staff members using computers or tablets for everyday reading and writing tasks. Handy for everyone who’s working digitally, tasks can be made easier, with less stress, as intuitive tools can reduce errors, boost accuracy and save precious time.

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