Neurodiversity exists in the world and should be in the workplace too

1 in 7 people has a neurodivergent condition, yet only 10% of employers say they actually consider neurodiversity in their people management practices. That means employers are missing out on some simple but effective adjustments they could make to recruit and retain members of the neurodivergent community - a community of individuals who bring a wealth of talent to any organization.

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We wanted to share our thoughts on why workplaces should embrace neurodiversity. Check out our infographic and gain some ideas on how to adjust workplace practices to empower the neurodivergent mind.  

*If you would like to view this infographic in an a different format, check out our alternative text version*

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If you'd like to explore more, download our guide to 'Unlocking Neurodiversity in the Workplace'. You'll find more information about neurodivergent conditions, and discover more on what you can do to support neurodivergent employees at work.