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Get Read&Write for Windows at home

Discover how teachers and students in Northern Ireland can start using Read&Write for Windows at home.

To hear text read out loud, or to translate content to an alternative language, use the orange SPEAK icon.

Follow the steps below to start using Read&Write for Windows at home.

If you work in Early Years, a non-statutory school or a school not connected to C2K, please contact our team to get access to Read&Write.

Installing Read&Write

Visit in your browser and click on ‘Try Read&Write’

Select the Windows icon and this will begin the download.

Locate the .zip file in your downloads folder and double click to open. You may need to double click the setup.exe file to run the install.

Follow the steps to complete the installation.

Setup wizard window installing Read&Write

Click accept and install

Install progress status

Getting logged on

Now Read&Write is installed, you’ll need your C2K school email address (@c2ken) and password.

If you don't know these details, please contact the school who can provide them.

If you work for the EANI please log in using your details.

Once you’ve finished the installation steps, the Read&Write toolbar will appear, alongside a sign in window. Click ‘Sign in with Microsoft’

Enter your email address and click next;

Now enter your password

You're all set to begin using the Read&Write toolbar!

Thanks for signing in screen

Read&Write being used with a Microsoft Word document

Read&Write being used with a web page

Here to help

Our team are on hand to help you every step of the way with getting to grips with Read&Write. We can schedule online webinars, phone calls or even an onsite visit, simply get in touch.