Festival of Inclusive Education 2023

Join us for the third annual Festival of Inclusive Education

When inclusion is done right, all students benefit. That's because we all learn differently. To engage every learner, inclusive approaches to teaching and learning should follow one key rule - necessary for some, useful for all.

Join us on demand for the third annual Festival of Inclusive Education as we explore how you can put this into practice. We celebrated all things universal support and how you can bring teaching and learning to life for all students with a whole school approach.

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Gain valuable insights from experts on:

  • Dyslexia
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Maths
  • And EdTech

Hear from fellow educators as they share their experiences and learnings from the classroom.

Register now and explore a range of sessions, from webinars to panel discussions and product sessions on the latest inclusive technology. You’ll receive the tools, skills and knowledge you need to help every student understand more and achieve more.

Together, we can make our classrooms a better place for everyone.

The agenda

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Meet the speakers

Our line-up includes leading voices from schools, colleges and universities to join us for the day.

Get to know them all and why inclusion matters to them.

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